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  1. Sport King Eric

    Post your cars!

    And now a 4th but the cadillac is gone!
  2. Sport King Eric


    Happy New Year!!
  3. Sport King Eric

    Tote Gote 750

    I have a 770 for sale in Michigan almost the same just a little bigger back tire!
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    rear axle
  6. Sport King Eric

    Has Anyone Powder Coated a Vintage Gas Tank?

    I Powdered a gas tank it worked perfect! you will need to coat the inside after powder coating as it will leak if you do not!
  7. Sport King Eric

    What do you think about the new eBay sellers rules?

    I will continue to purchase, but I'm done selling..
  8. Sport King Eric

    Help with crazy wild goat

    Great Job, I really like the Idea and the build!
  9. Sport King Eric

    What do you know about

    This is a Great Group of People, I don't know the how or why it began, I just know this is the single best place for research and information for the hobby period.. I hope it stays around for a long time to come!
  10. Sport King Eric


    very nice bike!!
  11. Sport King Eric

    Tote Goat in Utah---Cheap

    very cool Bike!
  12. Sport King Eric

    Tote Gote ?

    the foot pegs and kickstand are worth something.. I would offer a little less and see what happens.. the frame looks like it took a pretty big hit in the side...
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    cushman highlander
  15. Sport King Eric

    The "What were they thinking!!?" Seat Thread

    Hows that for a seat.. I still have that guy in my barn for a future project!
  16. Sport King Eric

    Sportsman manufacturing co. Denver Colorado model ????

    Yep I had quite a few of those.. still have a 68..
  17. Sport King Eric

    Sportsman manufacturing co. Denver Colorado model ????

    The rear fender on this bike is the original.. Just sandblasted and painted.. However, I have used simple trailer fenders and cut them to size on a couple of tote gotes.. Easy to find and pretty cheap just go to a reputable utility trailer dealer.. and cut it as needed..
  18. Sport King Eric

    Will extending my exhaust on a 3hp give my engine more power?

    I'm sure there is some sort of Mid Range gain from it but, Its not going to be very noticeable, If the neighbors don't mind and the noise won't drive you crazy build it as you want it.. I have a 3 hp Tecumseh with a straight pipe no muffler, it runs great, makes a little noise and is fun...
  19. Sport King Eric

    Tote Gote sidecar

    I used an old Aluminum Cooler for my box it works well almost the same size.. I was also thinking a chair or even just a platform.. Either way its a very cool accessory!!