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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Winter Carnival

    I like the clear blue skies,how many days do you have that in the winter? Give you snow and you guys build a city.:thumbsup:
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    Went to the local home improvement store to get some pipe fittings,guess what there is a shortage of glue ....Shelves were empty!
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    Here is a shot of the snow we got today.i left my ride outside cause it was 60 degrees yesterday,now it's 20 outside!
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    our snow of 2014.
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    Mini bike articles in magazines

    Does anyone have any good vintage magazines with minibike articles in them?I found some Popular Mechanics mag issues with stories of building kit bikes,testing them,etc.These are in the June 1967,Feb1970 and Dec1971 issues of Popular Mechanics.These are selling on line.Anyone know of any other...
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    It was a merry christmas for somebody...

    Sorry to hear about your trailer missing,Steve maybe Steve,(jeep4 me)can track it down like he found Todds minibike.Lightning can strike twice in the same place.Also put a want-ad in local free paper,with a reward for recovery. Paul
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    Whitewall Experiment

    As far as the whitewalls holding up ,I used my best pair of reading glasses and examined them......The paint on the front is great,but on the back tire it is cracked just like the cracks in my tire.So this paint won't hide any tire checking if your tire is checked like my back tire is,but if no...
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    Whitewall Experiment

    minibike whitewalls Just use any acrylic enamel paint ,I used hardener in mine.Just clean the tire good and tape off and paint.
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    Whitewall Experiment

    My whitwall tires on the T-bird Here is my T-bird on with whitewalls that I sprayed on using enamel Paint.Has been on for 2-3 years,with no problem.
  13. Christmas day 2013

    Christmas day 2013

  14. Christmas day 2013

    Christmas day 2013

  15. Christmas day 2013

    Christmas day 2013

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    Another Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all of my Old minibike friends in Michigan and all over the US.Lets see if we can get some pictures of our minibike rides today! I'm going to fire up the T-bird . Paul Amen Brooklyn Bob
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    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] Steve, is that the family tree farm posted on craigslist? I am in...

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] Steve, is that the family tree farm posted on craigslist? I am in the tree business also! here are a few of mine.
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    Some Christmas trees I made
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    Some Christmas trees I made
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    Some Christmas trees I made