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  1. aarron


    ^ x 2. Maybe an ass whippin' before the prison send off?
  2. aarron

    Need more room….

    That thing is damn nice!
  3. aarron

    1972 MOTO SKEETER 650

    That guy hasn't been back in over 4 years now. Doubt he'll be seeing this.
  4. aarron

    Rare Italy mini Marcellino 1968

    That thing is cool. I like oddball stuff like that. (can't afford it though) ;)
  5. aarron

    Saw this for sale locally...trying to figure out what it is

    That thing is way cool. I've never seen one.
  6. aarron

    Fast Trax stand up snowmobile....

    You know that post is 14 years old, right?
  7. aarron

    Briggs engine experts

    Depends on what year the Bonanza is. If it was me, I'd find a vintage Tecumseh. That's what they came with.
  8. aarron

    Skat Kitty build

    Sparkwizard was able to help me out with the parts I need. THANK YOU!
  9. aarron

    Skat Kitty build

    PM sent.
  10. aarron

    Dune Cat

    Those things are slick.
  11. aarron

    Skat Kitty build

    Sure, I'd be interested!
  12. aarron

    Skat Kitty build

  13. aarron

    Skat Kitty build

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, a Panther would fit and early Skat Kittys actually had one, but that's not the direction I want to go. I've searched fleabay and found a few 2.5 Tecs but they're the same as what I have now. I definitely want to keep it as 2.5 Tec correct as I can get it. Here's a pic...
  14. aarron

    Skat Kitty build

    I'm finally getting started on my Skat Kitty build. I'm not happy with the 2.5 Tecumseh side popper I currently have and would like to see if anyone has one that might be closer to what I need. While it's a complete motor and ran a few years ago, it's a diaphragm carb, curved fin head and the...
  15. aarron

    92.56 mph mini bike

    That looks like a Komet?
  16. aarron

    Ducati 49cc Italian engine

    That thing is nothing but cool. Never seen one.
  17. aarron

    Known SCAMMER back on OldMiniBikes again.

    Thanks for all the work Markus, much appreciated!
  18. aarron

    Vintage Motorcycle Days, 7/21-23, Lexington OH ?

    I bought a ton of shit over the years at mid-Ohio. Great experience especially if you're into vintage bikes. I've scored a few nice minis and parts there too. You can ride all over the grounds (miles).
  19. aarron

    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    Hate to say it, but most folks are splitting by Saturday.
  20. aarron

    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    Portland is always a good time. If you've never been there, you should check it out. Big show. Plenty of space to ride, too.