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  1. Not so mini bike


    My man Mr. Robert!!! How’s the family doing? Hope you the wife and kids are doing well. I’m doing good. Well better. But good. Still kicking around. I’m harder to get rid of than some would have thought. lol Trying to pick up where I left off in the game. But finding out things have changed. lol
  2. Not so mini bike


    They got some nice bikes. Had a couple while back. Slowly creeping back to see what’s new in the mini bike world. I’m just an old nobody come to stir the pot!!! lol
  3. Not so mini bike


    People are still into mini bikes?
  4. Not so mini bike

    how to get ahold of not so minibike

    Kyle I believe we are friends on Facebook. My real name is Karl Masslofsky. I do t have that tire in 5" anymore just 6". Sorry I don't post much on here anymore it's just easier on Facebook. If you need to get ahold of me you can reach out.
  5. Not so mini bike

    Jc penny's small cat. Original. Complete

    Engine is sold Will sell roller with kickstand, seat,footpeg covers and stars for $200
  6. Not so mini bike

    Jc penny's small cat. Original. Complete

    Kick stand - $50 shipped All 3 stars -$60 shipped Foot peg covers $30 shipped Engine-$150 plus shipping Roller (seat,frame and forks, wheels-minus stars) $175 obo plus shipping
  7. Not so mini bike

    Jc penny's small cat. Original. Complete

    Parting out. No longer available whole. Fenders, clutch cover and throttle/grills are gone. Pending payment
  8. Not so mini bike

    Jc penny's small cat. Original. Complete

    1973 h30 Jc penny's complete original cat bike. I can send better pics upon request. Fork have super slight bend under bottom fork tree. Only thing this bike is missing is the small switch plate. Clutch cover is beat up some on bottom and wore in center. $500 obo.
  9. Not so mini bike

    Northern NY Fall Minibike Fest and Swap Meet

    Phil how is prep for the event going. Super excited.
  10. Not so mini bike

    WTB..... Bonanza kickstand

    I still have that one somewhere I think if that helps Jerry.
  11. Not so mini bike

    8" Bonanza wheel rear sprocket

    I have one. Not sure if it's og or not. Just the sprocket though. Pm me if interested
  12. Not so mini bike

    Wanted: Go kart cycle

    Contact memeber rideSF. He had one for sale recently
  13. Not so mini bike

    Jc penny bird mini bike

    Pm sent
  14. Not so mini bike

    Domed hemi hot rod

    Pm sent
  15. Not so mini bike

    Manco 6" Wheels, New Tires/Tubes and Sprocket Brake Assy.

    You say there's a lot of high priced stuff out there but then say you're gonna let a set of 5" mancos go for around the same price as you bought 6" ones for. :out:
  16. Not so mini bike

    Wanted - Roper grab bar

  17. Not so mini bike

    Wanted - Roper grab bar

    Randy still have that roper from windber?
  18. Not so mini bike

    1" throttle with metal tube

    I have one I'll give you Bryce
  19. Not so mini bike

    Lifan 125cc Engine