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    used Briggs World Formula engine kit NR ebay

    title says it all, check it out. Used Briggs World Formula Engine Kit | eBay
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    DB30 full throttle hesitation? Video

    Looks normal to me, give it some brake to put it under load, it will pull down engine, and back off the governor. Or, ride it, see how it goes and report back. :shrug:
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    Doodlebug Stalls

    Hello MtnXfreeride, this is really old thread, so you may not get a reply. Do a search, there is a lot of info on this site on how to make these engines run better, but will take some time to find it. Good luck! :thumbsup:
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    Dooblebug Silencing

    Which do you have, new style or old style. I noticed the new style are louder, but seem to run better. I know what you are talking about, I have the same issue and like the old style if I want to be quite. I also noticed if you make the idle jet larger it runs better, but is definitely...
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    Shout out to bpoirier

    Why don't you give him a positive iTrader rating?
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    Gas Leak - Doodlebug

    Gas caps are problematic. Rather than buying new gas caps (expensive), I bought some Honda gas cap gaskets, appears 2 types, I bought both. Helps some, but still have to be careful to center gas cap after you put it back on, make sure both ears are engaged with the tank. You probably won't...
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    Gas Leak - Doodlebug

    The black plastic piece is the top of the carb butterfly. It's not moving much because it stays open when the engine is stopped. If you watch it, it will close after you start the engine. The metal arm it's connected to is the governor arm. Do you know how to close the fuel valve? :shrug...
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    governor on honda gc 190

    The GC190 has a fuel pump and if connected properly, will pull fuel out of a boat tank. After looking at making one, I decided to buy a complete kit for my Honda EU2000i generator. extended run fuel tank
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    Motovox MBX 10 engine shaft problem

    My neighbor's MB10's crank broke at the keyway too. Turns out clutch is 16mm and PTO on the engine is 5/8", so the clutch is fairly loose on the crank. I think that's contributing to the problem. We tested by fitting the Motovox clutch on 97cc PTO which is 16mm and it fits perfect. If it...
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    predator engine and kids?

    When you get it together and are ready to start, I would put the front wheel against something to keep bike from taking off. With just a little gas it can do a wheelie right after you start it. Then, you could be dancing around with it, minibike on it's back wheel, lol's. Happened to me...
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    Does anyone use the stock Motovox engine?

    My neighbor has Motovox MB10 w/ 79cc engine, runs strong, I like it. Runs about as well as my 97cc engines stock.
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    Best Clutch For Doodlebug Motor?

    Hello jamiek66, your DB30 is like new, the clutch is not worn out IMO. Check out this thread:
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    Doodle Bug larger rear sprocket help!

    I priced a 75 tooth Motovox sprocket today, was $42 shipped to your door. I suspect not the bargain you were looking for. As creia says, 75 or even 80 tooth won't make much difference with stock 97cc engine/ clutch. You can improve the 97cc, but a fair amount of work, not many willing to do...
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    Doodle Bug larger rear sprocket help!

    It's easy to count the number of teeth on your rear sprocket, but you probably have 70 teeth. I wouldn't go over 80 teeth, I like 76 to 78 best. You will bottom out the sprocket from time to time, with 76 teeth less, with 80 more. I don't have any answers for what you want to do. Good luck...
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    Just changed oil for first time...

    12oz is OK, probably will not give you any trouble. The Baja DB30 manual says takes approx 12 oz, as I recall. But, if you check the conversion from quart to liter is wrong in the manual and understates the oz quantity. I believe it really calls for approx 15oz. I add approx 15oz, and have...
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    Best Clutch For Doodlebug Motor?

    Your stock clutch is probably OK, maybe just needs some TLC. Do you know about black spring mod?
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    New Carb running wide open

    I looked at pics, appears to be hooked up properly. I assume it didn't run before you installed new carb? Maybe just need to put some slack in throttle cable. Looking at back of engine, do you see where cable is attached on the bottom right? Or, maybe something is hung up. Check the manual...
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    Motovox MBX 10 engine shaft problem

    I got a used 97cc that had a broken PTO like that welded up. Seemed to be a good fix, no problem with it. It's some work to remove the crankshaft, but I would take it out if it needed to be welded up, then keyway cut.
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    How big a rear sprocket

    Motovox comes OEM with 75 tooth, at least that's what my neighbor's new one has. I have the OMWarehouse sprocket adapter and have tried 75 to 80 teeth. On dirt, you can get by with 80, but it will bottom out. Where do you ride? If mainly paved, then consider pocket bike tires. They have...
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    cannot remove doodlebug clutch

    If you have to grind it off, might help to remove the shoes 1st. There is a retaining ring that holds the shoe retainer plate onto the hub. Remove the retaining ring and the shoes/ spring will come off. Problem is, if you don't already have a good set of retaining ring pliers they are...