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  1. minibikin'

    Weather/ storms

    I should have taken off but I'm the yard manager at this location. It's my last week here so I didn't want to do that to them. I'm wishing I did!
  2. minibikin'

    Weather/ storms

    Woke up at 4AM just below Allentown PA, rain and wet roads. Decided I didn't need to leave much earlier than normal to get work plowed and opened up. Woke up at 5 and said Holy S&%$! Threw my stuff on and headed out. That was the quickest changeover I've ever seen in this area. The roads were...
  3. minibikin'

    Wanted: Bozo Minibike.

    You're a few years too late or I would have sold you the one in this picture....
  4. minibikin'

    5 inch drum brake - Bonanza

    I'll take it. PM sent.
  5. minibikin'

    Trail horse wheel rear sprocket adapter

    Didn't the Cestad use a flat sprocket with spacers? I thought only the GA built bikes used that cast adapter?
  6. minibikin'

    Garage sale find

    I'd like to see what's under that seat cover if anything? I was going to say it was a Puncher. Either way that rigid rear seat mount isn't original....
  7. minibikin'

    Anyone know what brand of Frame this is?

    Looks like a Fox frame to me?
  8. minibikin'


    PM me if you need a clutch guard for that bike....
  9. minibikin'

    guidance needed

    The original post was from 9 years ago. You will most likely have better luck posting in the wanted section of the classifieds when you have enough posts to do so. Meanwhile, post up some pictures of what you have in the projects section. Welcome aboard!
  10. minibikin'

    Doodle bug

    if that's your number I wouldn't recommend posting it on a forum. Scammers have been out in full force. Send it via PM. If it isn't your number please delete it....
  11. minibikin'

    Possible bonanza?

  12. minibikin'

    Trail Horse! Not stock

    A guy I know for the VW world bought it. Jason is a good dude and a great artist. Can't wait to see what he does with it.
  13. minibikin'

    Any ideas on this one?

    That could be the original engine to the bike. They were never designed to move an adult, but a small gear change can rectify that. IF you're not looking to go 40mph, I would stick with the Tecumseh. Great find!
  14. minibikin'

    Sensation Mini/Additional Information

    I was ready to say WTH on the 69 date code and went back and looked at the serial picture. Sheesh I'm going blind...o_O
  15. minibikin'

    Sensation Mini/Additional Information

    With a 1970 dated Tecumseh, I'm thinking that is original to the bike. There was some correlation between Sensation and Fimco. I'm wondering if this is the changeover point?
  16. minibikin'


    It should be a Kelsey Hayes, but I can't remember the number. There's an original at my Dad's. If I get over there I'll snap a pic of the number for you....
  17. minibikin'

    How tight should my chain be

    Robert, the spammers are relentless right now. Best to just report it and let the mods decide. To the OP, 3/4" total movement should be fine for #35 chain.
  18. minibikin'

    Tell your spouse you love them

    It's been said 10 times over but I cannot imagine how you feel and can only offer my most sincere condolences....
  19. minibikin'

    Did Arco make Go Karts?

    Very cool piece and yes there were a Alexander Reynolds built karts and a trike or two. However that was long after this machine....
  20. minibikin'

    Dune Cat

    I'm not sure if the Dune Cat line was sold under Penny's as a different name or not? Spyder would have been the Sears line but I don't believe HPE built for them?