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  1. bayareaburrito

    Member Steve Durham passed away...

    RIP my brother Steve You will be sorely missed...
  2. bayareaburrito

    I did it up this time

    Hi Big Bro Steve I hope and pray that each day will bring you closer to getting well... and you have a speedy recovery.. If there is anything you need or I can help you with please do not hesitate to call me you have my cell... Love ya...:sailor:
  3. bayareaburrito

    WTB west bend 580 gas tank and mount

    Is this the type your looking for? These have become very difficult to locate...
  4. bayareaburrito

    Powell Challenger Tire Question --2 or 4 ply Carlisle?

    Its ALIVE!!! Its ALIVE!!! Looking good :thumbsup: Welcome to the Brotherhood Todd..
  5. bayareaburrito

    Go Kart Cycle / Flexo Scrapbook

    Nice ride SF... It use to belong to a great guy and a good friend that I miss dearly.... Glad to see it ended up in good hands...
  6. bayareaburrito

    The "Off The Wall" Rupp Dart Cycle

    :drool: Now all we need is for someone to do a nice waterslide dart cycle clutch cover decal..:bowdown:
  7. bayareaburrito

    Powell challenger Decals????

    Lets just say I have a friend who has an original.. Here's a 300dpi scan
  8. bayareaburrito


    Neil Armstrong descends a ladder to become the first human to step onto the surface of the Moon during Apollo 11. Woodstock:punk:
  9. bayareaburrito

    The Powell Scrapbook

    Welcome to the Brotherhood:thumbsup:
  10. bayareaburrito

    # Powell Project #

    Sweet congratz on getting it all back together!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  11. bayareaburrito

    A neighbor came into my yard and stole a bicycle, what would you do?

    Solid Advise Set the example for your kids sake.... This is a lesson for us adults.
  12. bayareaburrito

    A neighbor came into my yard and stole a bicycle, what would you do?

    Interesting set of circumstances you have there Ace.. I know what I would do but what I might do may not necessarily be what I would recommended for another.. Without suggesting how you should deal with this situation I'd consider all of my options first, and the repercussions of each of these...
  13. bayareaburrito

    Bonanza chopper frame

    :001_rolleyes:You ever get your Bugs finished? Hit me up 415 756-4179 My phone died and I lost all of my phone numbers..
  14. bayareaburrito

    # Powell Project #

  15. bayareaburrito

    Bonanza chopper frame

    On my CR400 I measured 6" id
  16. bayareaburrito

    1969 cat 400x foot pegs

    Thats what I thought as well... I had just never seen a 400X with solid non folding foot pegs
  17. bayareaburrito

    1969 cat 400x foot pegs

    Cattailhaas Post a picture of what your looking for.. The grips I posted fit my 1969 400 X... This is not my 400 X but this is what I have Then there is this brochure picture I have never see either the rounded fenders or the foot pegs you just described.
  18. bayareaburrito

    Ogy's Fox Campus Restore

    Ogy Glad all went well with your surgery... And the bikes look awesome :thumbsup:
  19. bayareaburrito

    Quarter horse mini bike

    Its worth what someone is willing to pay for it:blink:
  20. bayareaburrito

    OldMiniBikes Vintage Mini Bike Calendar and Modified Mini Bike Calendar Picture Request

    :laugh::hammer: Im always a day late and a dollar short