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  1. buckeye

    Buckeye Sighting !

    What up Robert? Getting ready to retire and get back into the fun. I have about ten if them in the garage waiting on me. Hope all is well with you
  2. buckeye

    Ok which one of you guys wants me to rate your naked photos

    I don't know, I thought she was hot. Ha!
  3. buckeye

    What is it

    I'm going with homemade.
  4. buckeye

    Engine Decals

    I bought the first set you ever
  5. buckeye

    Happy birthday buckeye

    Thank ya!
  6. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    Well, after attemping to put those forks on, that I worked so hard on, the lower strut in one was just bent enough to not see.. But, bent enough that it wouldn't slide freely Imaging that. Plan B. Put the 70 Scrambler front end back on after repainting. Cool.. Today, after getting it back to...
  7. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    I actually figured out I could swap the lever to the other side. Just have to bend the arm so it will clear the air filter. Built Briggs it is. I just hope it runs..haha.
  8. buckeye

    Anything Goes! Build-from-scratch Dutch minibike 4.0

    I sure am glad I looked at this build finally. Absolutely amazing. Incredible work sir.
  9. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    Flat black for the frame. Needs final detailing. Ran into a bit of an issue with the carb for the Briggs. The choke arm hits the header.. Dah.. Guess I need a Predator. .
  10. buckeye

    Fox Campus Trail Bike Build

  11. buckeye

    just woke up from a nap

    Stranger more than me.
  12. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    Almost a roller.
  13. buckeye

    W I N D B E R 2020 Mini bike Reunion Official Thread...

    And I was going to come thus year..
  14. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    The wind has finally died down. I am ready in my custom outdoor paint booth. I sure hope my engine starts...
  15. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    Rims are done.. I saved the chrome as best I could..
  16. buckeye

    Suspened Trail Horse Build CUSTOM!!!

    Lookin fine
  17. buckeye

    My Rupp Electra Restore

    That is one purdy bike
  18. buckeye

    Black and Blue..

    Frame is as stripped as it is going to get Forks are ready for real paint Thanks for lookin.
  19. buckeye

    Anything Goes! Powell on a budget

    My gosh!! That looks fantastic! ! Great job!
  20. buckeye

    my Cat 400TS