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    SKAT KITTY Clutches

    I cannot say that these clutches have actually come off of a Skat Kitty bike. They are Noram mfg. I have used these clutches and they work well. They are 12 tooth and if you actually ride your Skat Kitty you are well aware that they were geared way too low and though they can climb a wall they...
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    SKAT KITTY Clutches

    2 clutches for Skat Kitty minibike. These are the hard to find 3" diameter clutches that fit under the original style chain cover. Both clutches are 12 tooth. One of the clutches has a 5/8" bore which will slip right on the original 2 1/2 HP engine. The other is a 3/4" bore that can work on a...
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    Very Sad Day

    Just got word that Mickey Rupp had passed on. Do not have any details. If your into minibikes, karts or snomobiles you know the name Rupp and the man behind it all. Rest in peace Mickey. O.J.
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    Vintage Motorcycle Days, 7/21-23, Lexington OH ?

    This event does not really cater to minibikes but you never know what you may find. As for the $60.00 to enter you will get one of the best events in motorcycling with a huge swap meet, bike show, live bands, racing events both mx, roadracing, people watching all weekend long, plus the nightly...
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    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    This is just a personal view. If a meet which also features a swap-meet opens 5 days before the actual meet date it allows the earlybirds a better chance at finding a good spot to set up and it allows them more chances at the hard to find parts. The one saving grace is that the meet is so big...
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    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    The fairgrounds where the meet is held is run by the city and they allow early entry so many head over sometimes 3 or 4 days before the meet actually starts. Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the best days IMHO but you never know what or who will show up at any given date or time. The gate...
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    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    June 28th-June 30 2023 marks the 51st. anniversary of the VMBC meet in Portland Indiana. This is the largest meet of everything small motorbike, scooter, minibike, bicycle, and more. Folks start showing up as early as the 25th. O.J.
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    How to adjust float height?

    Bend the little tab off the float bowl that rests on top of the needle very carefully. Remove the pin holding the float to the carb, it should be a tight fit so you may need to push or tap the pin out with a small punch, then bend the tab that rests on the top of the needle. Bend it very...
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    Tecumseh carb leaking out the side vent hole

    Usually a carb inlet needle is not sealing in the intake seat or the float level is incorrect. I like to explain carb fuel intake like a toilet. Gas is added to the bowl thru the needle seat which allow the float to raise until the float reaches a pre-determined height which you can adjust as...
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    Honda Mini Trail Parts source

    Thanks for all the responses and leads. A shopping we will go.... O.J.
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    Honda Mini Trail Parts source

    Just came into a Z-50 Honda Minitrail and she needs a little TLC. Was wondering if there is a preferred parts source that anyone has had good results working with. There are a lot of suppliers out there, just wondering what others have experienced working with some of them. Thanks....O.J.
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    Mini Bike drag racing in the limelight.

    Mini Bike TAKEOVER! - YouTube O.J.
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    Fuel preservative choices

    Personal blend is ethanol free race gas with a minimun of a 2 years shelf life with some Marvel Mystery Oil blended in at their recomended dosage. Also put a thin piece of a plastic bag over the filler neck on the tank then install the gas cap as usual. O.J.
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    Johnny Law is coming for your MIni Bike

    To be honest, I'm not worried about Johnny Law coming for my bikes.....its LaQuan Thug I worry about stealing my bikes. O.J.
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    Need 9/16” bore clutch for Westbend 700

    Make a sleeve to increase crankshaft diameter to 5/8" them use a standard clutch. Max-Torque sells 5/8" clutchs, like Dave said. O.J.
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    Anyone going to Portland?

    Wendesday, Thursday, Friday seem to be the best days. O.J.
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    Anyone going to Portland?

    Will be making the annual trek over for sure. Here is a little view of years gone by. Portland VMBC 2019 Photo's | 2018 Portland Vintage Motorbike Club meet.....Damn | O.J.
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    Featherweight West Bend 580 engine

    The damage to the stuffer bolts could of happened when the WB factory accessory hot rod intake manifold was bolted on. That intake manifold allowed the use of the 610-820 reed cage. O.J.
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    Minibikes go karts flatrack motorcycle racing

    Would gladly give you $ 300.00 for that old Bultaco. :p Killer photos as usual Tom. Thanks. Merry Christmas.... O.J.
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    All good things must come to an end......

    I feel for you brother. Brought back memories of the same fate when our [playground] motocross track was sold for housing development. This song sums it up quite well. Three Tall Pines - Stone Walls - YouTube O.J.