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    parts for 73 X90 harley davidson mini bike

    I have parts, what you looking for?
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    WTB 3/4 clutch #35

    draggin foreskin nearly new 3 sprockets, springs
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    6.5hp Clone carb

    i have a new one never used never started off blue hf 6.5
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    clutch nut

    oh and make sure your wrench is frozen and wet your hand
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    6.5 build up, Experienced opinions needed.

    where did you get your head?
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    Wanted throttle cable for mikuni i just looked they have a 48 for 2.85. you could file it by hand would just take awhile.
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    Wanted throttle cable for mikuni

    I picked one up at MFG for like $3. had to file the lead ball to make it fit, used my dremel took about 5 minutes it works great
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    HF 6.5 done?

    old news but its official, at least here in MN. the blue hf clones are phased out. was going to pick one up today and there gone. predators are now in for $179
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    installing timing key

    Thanks for the info. I got hosed, ordered a 4* key and got a stock one. Guess I'll be filing after all. Tkanks again for the info, much appreciated
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    installing timing key

    alright thanks guys but am I missing something here? I assumed my 4* key is already set so there is no "step" in it . it looks the same as my stock one. I tapped it in not knowing how its suppose to fit then my flywheel slid on easy
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    starter cup

    found one thank you Ibanez
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    starter cup

    anyone? some guys must have these laying around if you use a starter, or point me in the direction to get one. mine rolled off the bench and my fat ass drunk neighbor stepped on it. is the honda starter cup same? seems I read somewhere they're diffrent
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    installing timing key

    what do you mean by the offset? I Tapped the key in then the flywheel slid on really easy. wondering if I did something wrong
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    Autolite AR3910X plugs

    has anyone used these? I just got some indexing washers but I apparently dont need them with these plugs. no need to gap either
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    installing timing key

    lapping is over my head right now so is filing so I decided to get a 4* key. was hard to get out but managed. how do you put the new one in? its really tight, just tap it in or what?
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    starter cup

    i need a starter cup for a blue hf clone
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    scared to ask

    so dont chew my ass for asking i did my research asshole bite me with a lil relish:hammer::eek:
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    50cc or 65cc leggero what is it?

    Call Leslie @ Moto Italia 707-763-1982 or Don @ Charleston Custom Cycle 217-345-2577. They are both full-line dealers and I know Leslie would be more than happy to help you, I've bought many parts from him always happily answers questions
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    new guy

    I blasted my frame, waiting for a buddy to epoxy it. Will post pics soon
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    Have many questions! Looking for parts. Your work is amazing!

    Have many questions! Looking for parts. Your work is amazing!