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    So Just How Fast is Your Minibike?

    15.51 to go 60' and 30.39 to go 660' wtf?!
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    Question on TC's

    Never if you get a pmr torque converter
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    Powerland motors any good?

    Get a raptor and run alky same power less weight plus the added benefit knowing you don't have a import piece of trash
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    F the EPA!

    The hell with them rip it off and rock n roll
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    Is this an old Harley Davidson?...

    They don't like when you sit on it and make riding noises iv ben tossed out a couple of times for doing it
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    Dirt Bug 212 cc Vibrations

    A couple of drops of oil on the clutch bushing
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    Checking in finally with a new drag build

    60 hp my ass the jr dragsters aren't even 60hp and they are professional built motors for racing
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    Sell out worth driving for
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    Happy Memorial Day

    Amen Brother
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    Rock Racing mdb detail photos

    That looklike twid's frame
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    Quick question?

    I thought Twid was joking about dudes drag racing these bad boys I thought he was a one off
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    63 LiL Indian takes the trophy...

    The rat attack!
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    Preditor 212 motor won't start not a gas issue What to ck next?

    No come back are you scared did you just realized you hahahahaed up
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    Preditor 212 motor won't start not a gas issue What to ck next?

    60 years old and yer still breathing with a attitude like this it's time for some one to give you that special education
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    Cowboyfromhell is here to Ruin your day. :repuke:

    I'm on the old lady's I pad do you understand that dude probably wants you in side him I'm rollin up now