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    ID a couple

    The other one is a heavily modified/stretched Whirlwind.
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    That frame is a Cat...I'm fairly certain. And, yes, drum brake.
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    Predator 212 backfiring

    So, it was probably November, or so, when I last rode it. Stage one is as mentioned above (free flow air filter, 37 main jet, emulsion tube, and header with RLV mini), but none of that really matters since it has run well for several years. I did not run the carb dry when I last rode it, but I...
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    Predator 212 backfiring

    I have a stage 1 Predator 212 that is backfiring when I try to crank it and will not start. Where should I start? Was running great last time I rode it. Any help is appreciated.
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    What is this thing?

    I think it's one of those bikes made in Taiwan.
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    FS- Custom Murray

    Yeah, it's still for sale. Have had a lot of folks on the Marketplace make silly offers, but I'm firm.
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    Help please - unknown mini bike frame

    Not sure, but maybe a Hornet? Somebody will know for sure.
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    My 71 Ruttman Horny Toad

    Nice! One of my favorite bikes.
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    What is it

    Look around and try to find that chain guard. Nice find!
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    aluminum spun fuel tank painted

    I'd find a powdercoater.
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    North or South Carolina

    Tennessee is where I would go. I live in Murrells Inlet and it was nice 10 yrs ago, but now, like Charleston, it is overrun with folks moving here. They are building houses by the thousands and doing very little with the infrastructure (roads and such). Traffic has become absolutely miserable...
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    Simplex Brake Pedal

    Thanks for the tip...I'll check it out. Here you go... (20) Simplex Rat-Bike Rider |
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    North or South Carolina

    I'd look around Little River/Cherry Grove.
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    What is the Best sprocket combo for a db30 with stock predator 212 ?

    If I remember correctly, the stock sized DB30 tires are around 35" in circumference. Circumference is what you need to know...not the height of the tire. With that tire size, I like a 12t clutch and a 66t rear sprocket, but the 70t sprocket that you have will be fine. Here is a good calculator...
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    FS- Custom Murray

    Yes, I still have it. Price is firm and I can't ship it.
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    Murray track 2

    (14) FS- Custom Murray |
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    Murray Track 2 info

    I like the Track II bikes. You can do a lot to them, if you desire. They have very sturdy frames and make great cruisers. Here's one I did several years back (still got it)... (14) My Murray...pic heavy |
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    Trike info?

    Looks like an ARCO made into a home-built trike.
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    Mid RPM Stumble Predator 212

    I'll try that too. Thanks.
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    Mid RPM Stumble Predator 212

    That's a good idea. I'll just be careful not to over-rev it.