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    Fixing scratched Briggs piston?

    I have a 5hp Briggs I’d sell you. I have to dig it out and look at it. If I remember right it’s a I/C. I have a grind 12 cam and high compression head for it too. If your interested I’ll look
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    HS40 engine identification numbers.

    Ok. Thanks again. Could I bug you for one more. This one should correct for my 1970 Roadster. It has the 356 carb, extended crank with bearing, lighting coil, dip stick. HS40-55282B. Serial 0280 08215
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    HS40 engine identification numbers.

    Thank you for decoding that for me. Is that information available somewher? Thanks, Again
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    HS40 engine identification numbers.

    Found this engine and want know how to tell what it’s supposed to be. Extended shaft, lighted, slant intake etc. Is there a way to look that up. HS40- 55410C. Serial 1118B Thanks, Eric
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    Converting non charging hs50 to charging

    That looks great! Couple questions. How did you clean the parts? Everything looks brand new. What did you use for a crank shaft?
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    Hey guys, I really need help finding this engine, or the 5hp version preferably. I need it for my MTD trail flite, I want to keep it original.

    Yes you can but finding a lighting coil and flywheel for an early HS40 is a little difficult and pricy. But they do come up for sale. If you can live with the more square shroud there are more options out there. I’m no expert, But I just went through this. I ended up finding a 1970 lighting...
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    Hey guys, I really need help finding this engine, or the 5hp version preferably. I need it for my MTD trail flite, I want to keep it original.

    They are out there. Expensive. Good option is to find a snowblower. They are usually cheap and be converted over
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    1970 vs 1971 Rupp blue color difference

    Send them a message. They are super helpful for me. I used the paint code that had provided for the red for 1970 Roadster. I had a pant supply place mix up the paint. I used acrylic urethane. Came out fantastic! Color is right on.
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    H50 Snow blower motor

    Speaking of parts. Where can you get new parts for the Hs40? Pistons and rings in particular
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    Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas
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    Lighting Coil Questions

    Thanks, Again guys. Yes I know the squared housing is undesirable. It’s what’s been on there since I had it for about 34 years. So to me it looks normal. I do think about changing it though. I do have an early HS40. I’m not sure what to do with. It would need the crank tapped and the...
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    Lighting Coil Questions

    Great info guys thanks for the replies. Ok so not all bad here. I do want the Rupp to use original lights and bulbs so the coil I have is no good. But the flywheel is good. I does use CDI ignition or what I would call electronic ignition. I took the HS50 that’s on the bike apart and...
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    Lighting Coil Questions

    I went to an automotive swap meet this past Sunday and found a pile of crap snowblower with to my surprise had a to what I believe a HS50 on it with a lighting coil! I paid 25 bucks for it and lugged it home. I got it running and the light works. Question. There is only one wire. I was...
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    1971 HS40

    Did you sand blast those parts or something else?
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    1971 HS40

    Great Work! Cant wait to see it done
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    1970 rupp sprint needs help looking for ideas

    it’s worth putting some money into. You have a lot there. Just a FYI. There is a swap meet on Sunday May 6 at Rentscher Field in East Hartford. It’s an Automotive type meet but there is always small engines, go kart mini bike stuff too. You could probably fine a nice vintage Tecumseh engine...
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    1972 Tecumseh HS40 slanted

    Beautiful job!
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    1970 Rupp Roadster rolling project bike

    Where are you located?
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    What to use for exhaust pipe?

    Just got this one for my 1970 Roadster from black widow motor sports. Super nice piece.
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    What to use for exhaust pipe?

    Nice! Thats a neat way to mock it up. I bet the pipe looks great