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    new member, great web site

    minibike world you tube channel hi here is a link to a you tube channel with an old flee minibike promotional video. there will be another one posted soon. take care, -fb- YouTube - MinibikeWorld's Channel
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    What should I ask for these mini bikes?

    the red one in the back of the truck is an Invader, made by Nelson which is out of business. It was made in Atwater, ca. i would say $3-400? not sure about the others.
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    new member, great web site

    hi minibike lovers. i used to have a company called Minibike World in san jose, ca. we made 2 minibikes called the Flee and Jonny Freestyle. we made about 90 Flees and 30 Jonny's. i will post some pics etc. asap. with a web site like this, it is a sure thing minibikes will never die! happy...