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  1. chrismh


    Do you still have the seat by any chance? Thanks
  2. chrismh


    Hello All! Does anyone know where I can get some RETEK Cheetah Decals? I am also looking for a set of rear disk brake pads. Thanks for any help! Chrismh
  3. chrismh

    briggs 3.5 exhaust length?

    I always went 1/4 - 1/2 after the burn
  4. chrismh

    Vintage Please Help Identify!

    MB 1110...I have one.
  5. chrismh

    Pretty nice one for sale on Charlotte NC Craigslist. Roller with seat and tank...300.00

    Pretty nice one for sale on Charlotte NC Craigslist. Roller with seat and tank...300.00
  6. chrismh

    Looking for a Bird 10" front wheel

    I am looking for a Bird Mini Bike front wheel. 10" 5 spoke like the rear wheel I pictured. Thanks!
  7. chrismh

    Powerdyne Galaxie Completed !!!

    Thanks Again! I bought the LAST one. He said he can't get the material anymore and this was the last one.
  8. chrismh

    Powerdyne Galaxie Completed !!!

    Thank You!
  9. chrismh

    Powerdyne Galaxie Completed !!!

    Nice Bike! Do you know where I can get the Galaxy Decal? Thanks
  10. chrismh

    West Bend Power Bee for sale in KERSAW S.C. 29067 1000.00

    I am going through some of my items today, Not sure what to do with this so Its up for sale. This has been on MY shelf for abut four years, Got from a friend of Mine that was in the business. I also got a 820 but used that on a Taco repot I picked up. It has NEVER been run (other than factory)...
  11. chrismh

    The Check is in the mail.....Chris

    The Check is in the mail.....Chris
  12. chrismh

    1967 Rupp Continental

    Hey Good Luck! I'm kinda glad! I think I am going to restore it now, forgot how nice and complete it is. Thanks acain! Chris
  13. chrismh

    minibike drive wheel has a lot of drag

    Sounds like normal chain drag. To be sure and not get your butt Skinned up, Remove the chain and make sure its not a bearing. Good luck!
  14. chrismh

    Valves hitting piston?

    Your best bet is to remove the head and lay a thin layer of clay on the piston bolt the head on snug and carefully turn the motor over a few times, Remove the head and check the clay for clearance If its hitting the piston there won't be any cay left where it hits, It will be smushed out, Have...
  15. chrismh

    1967 Rupp Continental

    Here you go.... The way I bought it. Motor runs fine, Needs the mount for the chain guard.
  16. chrismh

    Tillotson Carb & Manifold for Tecumseh OHH Motorsports

    Hello, Interested but not sure if I will ever use it? Would you consider 100.00 Thanks for your time, Chris
  17. chrismh

    1967 Rupp Continental

    I think I have one, Not sure of the year... BUT I'm South Carolina