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  1. chipper

    Happy Birthday manchester1

    Happy Birthday Karen , sorry I'm a day late !!
  2. chipper

    Mini Bike Hauler

    No Tom I did not , at 7x14 it's easy to heat in winter with small Electric heater and in summer I have a stand up 12000btu ac for it ( never used it yet ) and those are if i camp in it which i did at an event in March with a big Intek air mattress. It's not often I'll sleep in it as I have a 35...
  3. chipper

    Hello all...

    Bird Wren or Sears Runabout , both are Birds !
  4. chipper

    Value of 1970's Golden Pinto JC Penny Mini Bike

    I agree $100 max , very common bike that is not desired
  5. chipper

    Motovox Part out

    Fenders are still available
  6. chipper

    Cushman / Predator / Jackshaft Questions

    google jackshaft calculator , BMI Karts has a nice one I Like to use
  7. chipper

    Deer dragging

    as a deer hunter why would you not have a 4 wheeler ??
  8. chipper

    Is this a Scam?

    perfectly legit , order 3 or 4 and give us your review please .
  9. chipper

    Totally done with OMB Warehouse! FU!

    Wow is all I can say Joe ?? OMB and Eric are the greatest in my opinion , always fair and always going above and beyond to make things right when there is the very seldom ( nearly never ) issue . OMB has my business for life , Thanks OMB !!
  10. chipper

    Front suspension

    Everyone wants them !
  11. chipper

    Rumor has it.....

    It actually is a Taco
  12. chipper

    Problem with AZUSA 5" wheel/brake hub sprocket

    Buy a quality flat steel sprocket, a custom machined hub from F&B Racing then a clutch band brake and you'll have a great set up , pricey but great.
  13. chipper

    Why is it?

    210 lean mean racing machine , and that's the bottom line cause I said so , smashing beers all over the place !
  14. chipper

    Problem with AZUSA 5" wheel/brake hub sprocket

    The sprockets are junk period , you will have to a rubber mallet to beat and some type of tool to pry , it will take some time you can true it up enough to work
  15. chipper

    Studemane and Davis are smart alecs.

    I don't know how I didn't get involved either , lol
  16. chipper

    What A Pleasure It Was...

    Cool stuff !
  17. chipper

    Motovox Part out

    $20 shipped