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  1. 71dodge

    whats this?

    picked it up today for 40 bucks.. what is it
  2. 71dodge

    the "creamsicle"

    so its been awhile since iv had a mini bike project. me and my friend got the little fox and my T777 out of the back of the garage and started to ride n work on them. so we decided we needed somthing alittle faster to kil our selves on so this is how we got the creamsicle.. im not sure what the...
  3. 71dodge

    briggs and honda motors

    i got a couple motors forsale. the first is a 13hp honda. its a GX390 it runs good. prob needs the carb cleaned. the next one is a 10hp briggs and stratton. i just got it and was told it ran good. i would go through the carb first and just give it a tune up. the next is a HUGE 9hp briggs around...
  4. 71dodge

    hard starting 16?

    i just picked up a old lawn mower for free and it has a 658cc 16hp twin cyclinder B&S on it. i got it home washed it off etc and put a battery on it cleaned the plugs and put gas in it.. i got it to turn over but it dosent turn over quick enough its like cough cough then it turns over... its not...
  5. 71dodge

    thinking about getting a clone?

    well my wards bike has no :censure: to get up and go and the motor on it dosent like to run right now for some reason... i was thinking about getting a 6.5hp clone and mod it out a little to make it run and preform better... it would also have a little bt better of a take off i imagine... so...
  6. 71dodge

    messed up.....

    went for a trail ride tonight on my wards with my buddy and his fourwheeler.. we just got done fixing his bike up so we thought wed ride it real quick...... i took the big wards out down the trail with no headlight and no throttle thinking id be alright... well the ride out was great... his bike...
  7. 71dodge

    Honda gx390

    i got a good running HONDA NOT A CLONE!! GX390 it has a 1 inch keyed shaft and runs good.... complete and ready to use... 200 plus shipping OBO
  8. 71dodge

    what size belt

    what size belt does a C.A.T 99 TAV take? i broke the one on my dads wards and need to replace it..
  9. 71dodge

    TAV in good shape

    i need a good TAV 30 TAV2 cat 99 whatever type for my wards bike..... new or used dosent matter needs to be for a 3/4 shaft and 40/41 chain.. i have stuff to trade plus cash or just give me a price... PM me with info thanks Oh it must be in good working order unless its really cheap.
  10. 71dodge

    got a tire problem

    i was riding my wards after i just got the rear fender done and as i was riding the rear tire started to rub my fender???????? i never did this before i dont have a clue why its doing it now and when i let off and then gas it again it stops it only does it when the bike is really runnning...
  11. 71dodge

    lighting problem.

    i bought a light that it 12v 55w and its dime as crap... i was going to buy a 12v 25w bulb for it today... will it be any brighter? i need to actually see were im going and the light does not help at all. any solutions on how to fix this
  12. 71dodge

    A man sized mini #2

    well here it is guys all origianl 1970 motgomery wards T777 and mine lol
  13. 71dodge

    small problem?

    well i just finished my wards bike and i used the motor i took off the little fox... it ran great and started super easy on the fox... well now that its on the wards bike it is super hard to start and it dosent like to idle for long? now this isnt a motor problem i think it may be my...
  14. 71dodge

    after 2 years.....

    well after 2 years and 1500 dollars later here is my new 1970 motgomery wards T777 trail sport.... the first picture is before
  15. 71dodge

    bias or radial?

    whats the diffrence between the 2? i got radial tires yesterday and im not sure what they are
  16. 71dodge


    were can i get a new one iv heard they make knock offs are they just as good? what sites can i find them on? thanks guys 71dodge
  17. 71dodge

    where can you get this

    ok i was looking at my bolt for my wards bike and noticed that the backone is toasted... im just curous were can i get a bolt thats 16 1/2 inches long? and it must be grade 8 along with a nut ??? and its a 5/8
  18. 71dodge

    cat frame and parts

    well since i cant sell it whole i figure ill part it out. 1. front cat fender in great shape and just powder coated yellow 50.00 2. rear fender also in great shape and in its original chrome (could use steel wool) 50.00 3. 2 sprockets in good working order make a offer 4...
  19. 71dodge


    were can i get a set of nice new 22x11x8 tires? please lmk if you have a site or somthing. thanks
  20. 71dodge

    Friggin hilarious!!

    i know its 9 minutes long but its great. watch it! lol YouTube - Rejected Cartoons by: Don Hertzfeldt