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    Two speed clutch

    Wanted. Clutch drums 12 tooth 3/4 bore. Fairbanks Morse two speed clutch
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    H50 year

    Got a H50-65403P. Ser. # 5140D. I think the 5 is last part of Year but don’t know rest any help. Thanks Scott
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    Need info on 2 speed clutch for 70 fox trail or street scamp

    Trying to find out if someone might have some pictures of 2 speed clutch setup on 70 fox trail or street scamp. Thank you
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    Looking for parts 1970 fox trail tramp

    Needing 2 speed clutch,muffler,and gas tank decals. Thank you.
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    Fox forks

    Needing rubber boots for front forks 1970 fox trail tramp. Thank you
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    HS40 Tecumseh

    I was needing to know what was size spark plug went in the HS40??
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    Fox gas tank decals

    Needing gas tank decals for 1970 fox trail scamp. Seen some on eBay but they where for doodlebug. These Need to be gold background with silver fox and head thanks
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    1970 trail tramp

    Looking for two speed clutch with first gear sprocket on jackshaft and muffler.
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    1970 fox mini bike

    Hello newbie here. I’ve been looking for 1970 fox mini bike parts. Would be appropriated. Thank you