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    noob with ratio/jackshaft questions i'm building a chopper out of an old Arctic cat frame. 60tooth rear sprocket, clutch has 12teeth. I'm going to run a jack-shaft so I can keep the engine centered (6.5 clone) what do you suggest for teeth on the 2 jack-shaft sprockets. I'm lost on how to figure that into the ratios
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    first build

    Here's the start of the chopper a buddy and I were working on today. Drilled the triple tree plates at 15deg on my harbor freight drill press. 1" hole saw thru 1/4" steel plate gave it a workout :doah: Still need to do the handlebars and shape the triple tree plates
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    WANTED-- 12" wheel

    building a mini chopper, looking for a 12" spoke wheel for the front
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    HF air impact screwdriver

    Just wondering if anyone has used one of these. On sale in this months inside track club flyer. Was going to use it for small sockets with the adapter bits Reversible Air Screwdriver
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    HF mini tire changer

    Anyone used one of these? thinking about getting one...on sale for 39 this month plus a 20% off coupon ATV Tire Changer & Golf Cart Tire Changer
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    lifan dirtbike engine on a mini?

    Looking at building a custom project/chop. any thoughts on using one of the 125cc 4stroke lifan dirtbike engines on a mini?
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    Noob with an Artic cat, need brake shoes

    Hi all, I'm a mini bike noobie, have an old Artic cat with the 10" spoked wheels with the brake in the hub. What is a good source for the pads as they are almost gone and not in the best of shape. Not sure which bike model it is as I got it pieces and am goIng to clean her up and put it back...
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    Anyone here build fuel tanks?

    I'm a new member here (great site!!). Anyways I'm stretching a mini to build a twin engined bike and was wondering if anyone here built fuel tanks. Derek
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    Thinking of swapping out the 3.5b&s in my artic cat for a 212cc

    Looking for more power and bought a preadator 212cc from HF last weekend for $99 on sale. This is my first mini, was looking for suggestions on tackling the project and any upgrades you'd suggest while I'm working on it. The bike will be used as a pit bike at the local motocross track
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    New member; just bought a 71 artic cat

    Hi there--I just bought a artic cat off Craig's. Has been modified with a 3.5 Briggs. Just picked up a 212cc predator from HF and going to see if i can get it to fit. I'll post some pics later today. This is my first mini bike; bought it for a pit bike out at the local motocross track.