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  1. Danielson

    Briggs & Stratton Engine Help

    @ bikebuddy , the forks were bent, I have yet to do anything besides sandblast them a bit. However I think the plan is to replace the lower part of the tubes
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  3. Danielson

    Briggs & Stratton Engine Help

    Its a Briggs and Stratton i/c. The engine model is 131232, the type is 2036 01, and the code is 81110407. I found a few things on wikipedia and its a horizontal shaft made from 1979-1985. I also found a parts list I found a couple things that might work for this. Gasket Set Briggs Stratton...
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  8. Danielson

    Briggs & Stratton Engine Help

    Hi everyone, My friend Scottessey hooked me up with a Cal Kart Invader frame and a Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle 5 HP I/C series engine. I was wondering if anyone could refer me to a rebuild kit for the engine and or any other components i may need to get started up. This is my first...