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    Hot Rod magazine bizarre racing moments.

    I remember seeing all those cars in articles in Hot Rod. If you search the internet there are actually 2 different pictures of the Magic Muffler Fiat. Taken by 2 different photographers just a split second apart. The other one is from the front 3/4 view and its on fire. Wild Willy Borsh in the...

    Turkey preference?

    I have a copy of a Stumps gravity feed cooker that I built almost 20 years ago. Its fully insulated with 2 inches of rockwool insulation. It will run at 225 for about 15 hours on 1 20 pound bag of charcoal. I put a little lit charcoal down the shoot then add a couple of fist sized chunks of...

    Turkey preference?

    A little late to the party but definitely brined. Not just any brine either. We brine ours in a cranberry concoction. Been doing it for years. The come out with the cranberry colored tint to the meat. 5 or 6 hours on the smoker depending on the size of the bird and its amazing. Took the smoker...

    Favorite movie and other nonsense

    I'll add my 2 cents... I tend to like different movies. If its hard to find on a movie channel rotation Its probably on my list of favorites. Once Upon a Time in the West is the top of the list for me. Followed by John Ford movies followed by Sam Peckinpah movies. Then the obligatory American...

    Happy birthday Robert c!!

    Happy Birthday Robert!

    How can I tell what my Baja is

    Its a Baja MB 165 with the metal fenders. MB 200's had plastic fenders.

    Ferris Zer Turn Counterweights

    The first thing I asked him was what the bracket on the front was for??? He said that he didn't know. He then said that he had bought it from his son in law in Florida. So, there is not any hope of tracking them down. Now that its mentioned I have heard them called Suitcase weights before. I...
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  10. FOMOGO

    Ferris Zer Turn Counterweights

    About the start of fall last year I bought a used 52" cut Ferris ZTR mower in an auction. The older gentleman that was selling it was very nice and told me that he had bought it from his son in law in Florida, but he didn't like it, so he went back to a conventional tractor with a bagger. He had...
  11. FOMOGO

    Heald VT-8 top engine support bracket.

    Got any pics of your brake fix Michael? I have the same problem and need to fab an anchor for mine as well. Delray sent me brake fix pics of the Broncs he rides with in the first picture he shared. And I had had an idea in my head for sometime before Delray and I discussedit. Always looking for...
  12. FOMOGO

    Vintage arc welder.

    That thing aint old. Well, it is... When I was in auto shop class in high school, we had a stick welder that was as old as dirt and on top of that it was made in Russia. All the writing was Russian. It was about 30'' round and 5 feet tall. The shop teacher was retired air force and really sharp...
  13. FOMOGO

    Engine stand

    And, if you buy one of these (or similar) you can attach it under the edge of your work bench and not have to go outside is the weather is miserable as well as using it when you assemble or paint one. Ultra-Tow 2-Inch Standard Receiver Tube with Collar — 6in. Extension Length | Northern Tool...
  14. FOMOGO

    Want to learn how to Weld

    To add to what my friend massacre stated. A Mig will push wire as long as you hold the trigger. Doesnt mean that you are accomplishing anything other than making a mess. There is the rare occasion that a gap or a hole that simply needs to be filled for cosmetic reasons is acceptable but its not...
  15. FOMOGO

    Want to learn how to Weld

    I Just realized that I had not posted any complete pics of the half scale Nascar chassis. This will give you a better Idea of the scale and scope of the project. Lots and lots of fitting and welding. If I remember correctly it took 2 1/2 or 3 weeks to build it. That was the spring of 2018...
  16. FOMOGO

    Want to learn how to Weld

    And one more thing. Smaller machines run the cooling fan continuously. My big 220 volt Miller MIG welder almost never runs the fan, but my 110 volt Miller 140 auto set machine runs anytime it is turned on. Why do I point this out? Grinding dust! If the fan is running cut the machine off before...
  17. FOMOGO

    Want to learn how to Weld

    Just some welding porn... A full sized English wheel that I built. The frame I built for my 1956 Ford F-100. The roll bar fit on the 1/2 scale Nascar chassis that I built while attending Greenville Tech. The fit up on some 3'' exhaust I built for a friends 1971 Blazer. The beginnings of a...
  18. FOMOGO

    Want to learn how to Weld

    I will answer the designated welder outlet question first. YES! Plus, you really need more than one. One in the work area where you intend to weld and one by the outside door so you can access something to big to get in the building or can't get in the building because its already occupied...
  19. FOMOGO

    Happy Birthday "OND"

    I'm late to the party but I hope you had a great Birthday my friend!
  20. FOMOGO

    super bronc

    Learned something new. Thanks Rick!