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  1. deezildennis

    Folding Front wheel drive Minibike. Anyone remember seeing it?

    Nearly 20 Years ago I saw a folding front wheel drive minibike while surfing on Jeibovitch's Mini doodle website. I cannot find a pic of it and it's driving me nuts.. It folded out into a X shape and had a round flat seat with no padding. Very simplistic square tube frame if I remember...
  2. deezildennis

    Still don't know what this is.

    I bought this almost 20 years ago. I had it sandblasted and stored it away in my shop. Im at the point I may restify it. Anyone know what it is? I hope your tetanus shot is up to date! LOL!
  3. deezildennis

    What did I just buy??

    That thing is bad ass. I love seeing folks come across the Minibikes made from magazine plans! Real History right there. Please take good care of it.
  4. deezildennis

    What did I just buy??

    As well as the post on FB :) Off Road Mini Bike Free Plans
  5. deezildennis

    reversing clone motors

    A while back I saw someone do that with a kohler ohv motor one of the USA made ones before they went to Chinese clones. The guy simply used two vbelt pullies. One to a jackshaft and one to the crank and made the belt into a figure eight. The centrifugal clutch was on the opposite side of the...
  6. deezildennis

    c & c guys go 420cc on a ct200uex

    I think they should try building some old school mini bikes and resist the temptation to always stick a China engine in everything.....but that's just me.
  7. deezildennis

    What was it?

    Yikes! Nasty welding on engine plate. Hope it's uber cheap.
  8. deezildennis

    Lil Blue rides again

    Nice! I'd be getting me some 1/2" aluminum banding and strap that tank down. Polished of course.
  9. deezildennis

    Fairbanks engine

    Wisconsin on my snappin turtle.
  10. deezildennis

    Fairbanks engine

    It's a 6-7hp. You are looking at the type of the magneto on the magneto tag. That has its own tag and has nothing to do with the engine itself except for fitment. The engine itself would have had a plate over it like my Wisconsin AKN on my snapping turtle. This is a 7hp on my snapping turtle...
  11. deezildennis

    Fairbanks engine

    Looks to be a 6hp Wisconsin AKN model.
  12. deezildennis

    Fairbanks engine

    Its a Wisconsin engine with a Fairbanks Morse magneto.
  13. deezildennis

    MTD bolts, original?

    Same. Both my mtd's have the square lock washers on the engine and Jack shaft mounts.
  14. deezildennis

    Glutton for Punishment.... Baja Heat project.

    First pic with Massive Wisconsin Robin. These things are super nice and weird lookin. Forged steel crank, Forged connecting rod. Second pic. Nasty frame fitment and welding. 3rd Other side of Wisconsin Robin. 4th 9hp Briggs. This things been through hell and back. Its a runner though...
  15. deezildennis

    Glutton for Punishment.... Baja Heat project.

    Got it tore down to bare frame. I will say this....These frame are not as robust as I used to think they were. Pretty thin walled tubing and Horrible welds nearly everywhere and the frame tubes were welded cattywampus. I'm used to Old Minibikes and for the most part all of my ancient frames...
  16. deezildennis

    Another one for your help please

    Sears Roper mini bike. Get it...
  17. deezildennis

    Doodlebug Predator swap....low top speed?

    If the new engine is turning the same rpms at speed as the last will be going about the same speed. You just get there quicker now. You need to step down the rear sprocket diameter to start gaining higher top end speed with the same rpms.
  18. deezildennis

    What is it????

    I didn't answer it.. Markus did.
  19. deezildennis

    What did I find this time?

    What was the difference between them do you know?
  20. deezildennis

    What did I find this time?

    Baja heat/warrior