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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    painted today,single stage urethane,mixed clear in the remainder of paint in the gun at 40%for the last coat
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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    I just thought a lot of members probably havent heard or see a Sprocket bike Canadian built in Moonstone Ontario looks a lot like a Ruttman all frame tubes where they meet the neck are open he made around 900 this one is 806.The later ones used a steel chain guard early ones a fiberglass copy of...
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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    thanks,are you thinking this is a lil indian?
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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    finished off my fender mount,i have changed my mind about using the 5 hp ohv tec its a 1999 and was original to the bike,i just didnt think it looked right,i thought with the boxy air cleaner and muffler removed it would look better i just didnt like it so im going to use a 5hp flathead tec
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    WOW great build ,looks amazing
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    Vintage 1970 speedway shark

    theres enough of the original gold paint underneath.should be able to match
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    Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

    the engine plate is flipped to get the engine more to the left and is driven outside of frame.First thing is to make up some rear fenders
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    OMB Build-Off 2019 Classes and Rules

    thank you Dave im in for two builds
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    Need help decoding Tecumseh HS40

    looks like a repop vin tag
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    Hot Rod HS40-Powered Full Suspension Cat 250

    great build could you take a picture of your exhaust snuffer knob thanks
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    what mini bike brands had a slant motor mount other than fox and rupp ?

    [attach=config]108184[/attach dmp
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    Moto skeeter

    engine should be a BSE ?
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    Used Rupp trails tire

    if you still have the wheel im interested if its a front I have a US shipping address in NY let me know Thanks Mark
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    OMB Build Off 2018 Winners

    congrats to everyone amazing builds,thank you to Bill,Pat,Vicky,Drew and everyone who voted
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    2018 Vintage class. lil indian 400.

    thank you
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    2018 Vintage class. lil indian 400.

    thank you