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  1. TomCatMaxey

    Benelli Hurricane Triplets

    I can appreciate the Benelli theme!
  2. TomCatMaxey

    New Guy Here, old problem.

    I have a few Benellis......Did you get yours running?
  3. TomCatMaxey

    Comment by 'TomCatMaxey' in media 'two_dynamos.jpg'

    Lou, I do have a few spare parts but not those items. Sorry. Tell me more about your Dynamo. I also have two Buzzers.
  4. TomCatMaxey

    Comment by 'TomCatMaxey' in media 'day_one (2).JPG'

    To continue the story....I hauled them, hidden in the trunk for a few days, away from my wife. Finally had a neighbor help me remove them from the trunk to another hiding spot, until, one day, I had to confess and suffer the consequences. Hard to conceal an ATM withdrawl from the Mrs.
  5. blue1.jpg


    Restored 1972 Benelli Dynamo
  6. blue2.jpg


    No longer resides in a barn! 1972 Benelli Dynamo
  7. four_pack.jpg


    Four pack, wishing I had a six pack
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  9. replated.jpg


  10. rusty.jpg


  11. two_dynamos.jpg


    This is the after photo. I restored these two. They were rusty and crusty when I bought them, together.
  12. TomCatMaxey

    Benelli Mini Bike: I need to find out what I have

    I have a few Benelli minis......Show me yours!
  13. IMG_0578.JPG


    The chrome plating shop will love me, if I decide to restore.
  14. day_one (2).JPG

    day_one (2).JPG

    I had a Benelli Dynamo as a kid (~1976) and stumbled upon this pair on facebook marketplace, while not knowingly, that I was looking for mini bikes. This is how COVID exposure affected me. I had to have them! Hauled them both home in the trunk of a Honda Civic.