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    Tav-belt slap

    Problem solved! The belt slap (yes belt slap) was tracked down to an improperly seated drive shaft end bolt. The forward sheave would pulse in and out. The bolt torqued and the lock washer compressed but it was still more than a 360 turn to fully seated! Now I have lost the ID marks on the...
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    Tav-belt slap

    The drive hole is now on the full tight setting. It had less slap on the middle hole but the tranny runs much-much better in the third setting! I'll have to pull the cover to look at the belt #---but I should say it is a knock-off (made in China) unit. It has a metric output shaft ect.
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    Tav-belt slap

    I put a TAV-2 30 on my Doodlebug. I run a HF 200 on it and at modest RPMs I get a slap from my drive belt bumping the cover. At more RPMs it runs good but, under some conditions it slaps. Sounds like a motor boat. Rub marks on the inside of the belt cover are at the mid point between the...
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    DB30 212/tav Build Help

    Well did I underestamate this job! It's no major monstrosity but all the little extras that crop up. Right now I am looking at the footpegs being too short and what solution to use. Is there a bolt on substitute footpeg that's out there or must I customise? Any do's and don'ts? Let's see some...
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    Doodlebug Torque Converter Build

    Thanks MDDB-I'll use a #8 bolt for the end bolt. Did you use a ProMod motor mount? Looking forward to how you made the converter clear the frame!
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    Doodlebug Torque Converter Build

    Hi: I too am working on the same build. I also have a HF Predator 212 California, and the cheap knock off TAV. I too have that miss alinement on the pullies. Because I and unfamiliar with the TAV I don't know if thrusting the pully with shims is the right thing to do--- or is the off set on the...
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    Badger 100 front end

    The cut and slip fit on was a modification I did to my bug several years ago. Because these are spring only shocks with no dampeners they have to be hard or your front end would oscillate. I drive on rough stuff-mountain logging roads. I'm geared way way down, but it is a billy goat. The...
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    Vibration Dampers

    Reinforcing the plate is a sound additive-if you are looking to isolate the motor by rubber bushings you need to create a top end of the motor to frame mounting that is also rubber bushed so as to restirct the motor's top end movement---remember that the motor needs to move for and aft (chain...
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    Almost evey Honda G100 part fits the clone-but be sure the G100 stuff is for a 97cc G100 as they...

    Almost evey Honda G100 part fits the clone-but be sure the G100 stuff is for a 97cc G100 as they also made a smaller displacement one years ago. The DB30 has a sub standard arrestor that can not be cleaned by removal-it is also too big a mesh so no cloging but not up to par if you ride in fire...
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    aftermarket exhaust on stock engine

    I'm the guy who gutted the stock muffler. I did it to see if it was something that I could mod or need to replace--replace! I don't have time to dreg up photos right now but if you look at Delrays exhaust set up that's about what I did to mine too. Improvements get more and more blatent as the...
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    Need help finding Hydraulic shocks

    There are go kart and mini bikes shocks. The set from Northern Tool is a tad stiff on a shock to seat but getting close to right if you have a swinging arm PLEASE POST SOME PHOTOS of your swinging arm conversion I'm collecting the how to's for making my own swinging arm on the DB30.
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    Stock Engine - repair manual ?

    The 2.8 is a clone of the Honda G100 K2-get one of the manuals to the Honda and your all but set. About the only thing important is the Honda runs a 5/8 inch shaft for the clutch and the Chinese runs 16mm.
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    doodlebug throttle linkage?

    I use a knock off of a Yamaha boat motor hour/tach--I think the one I have is too cheap and next time I'm getting a real Yamaha. The setting I run gives RPM and on shut off, hours-helps me with how far I can go out before I have to turn back. It also lets me know it's time for oil change, chain...
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    doodlebug throttle linkage?

    You will note that the throttle linkage is connected to the governor arm by a spring. On the governor arm is 3 holes and the linkage 2 holes. To reduce the RPM limit move the spring to the lower holes and to increase the RPM setting move it up. 5200 RPMs while riding is about as fast as the...
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    Please I.D. this part

    It's the crankcase breather with a water trap. The black capsule thing separates liquid (water) and when the clear tube has water trapped in it you pull the plug at the end and drain it.
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    Was it due to the gas cap?
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    Front Forks with shocks ?

    The Badger100 has front shocks and the bike is just a DB30 old style with shocks. I put a set on my bike by cutting the bottom end off my front forks and press fit the Badger shocks on. Contact Serengetti and see if they still sell them.
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    Getting Baja Warrior Road Legal in NC

    Here in Ca one way to get it steet legal is to first get it OHV legal (green stickered) then you get a dual sport by way of an inspection. The state has a publication on just what the inspector looks at. Perhaps NC has a publication on what your inspector needs to check off--in CA we can...
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    Off Road Minibikes

    As long as we are on the subject of off roading mini's I've got a question. To the best of my knowing there is no such thing as a #35 o-ring chain ( now if there is please chime in!) so what would be the finest chain in o-ring? Is there another option other than o-ring to keep the dust out of my...
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    Xtreme Chain

    Here is the problem: there is a clue as to when a chain needs replaced-when it streches so much that you would have to knock out a link----it's time to throw away the chain!!! They are breaking because your running them past their service life!