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    owosso explorer 800 help

    Welcome to the group. I just picked up my Explorer 800 in January and I'm trying to learn also. Be glad to help with anything I can.
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    Yes Street Smart I'm a long time owner of a 86 Buick T-type. Looking forward to using the trike as my pitbike when at the racetrack. Docdc the Patton museum is about 15 miles from me.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm located in Elizabethtown Ky.
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    Hello I'm Randy. New guy from central Kentucky. Just bought a trike that appears to be an Owosso Explorer 800. Don't know anything about these except what I've found on here. Been looking for one for a while. Looking forward to restoring it to be my pit bike.
  5. Explorer trike first picture

    Explorer trike first picture

    Explorer Trike test picture