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    MTD MudBug score

    I would like to order a fork decal for my mudbug where did you order it ?
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    Does this look weird?

    try standing in front of the bike with the front wheel elevated, grab the lower fork tubes and pull back and forth to see if there is play, since this bike is made from parts the steering stem and steering stem bolt or the bolt and bearings might not jive , zooming in on that area in the pic it...
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    My Father passed away overnight

    very sorry for your loss
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    R.I.P Wayne P Keller

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad, He had my respect and I will miss his posts. sorry to say it seems like guys like him are few and far between.
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    Estate sale chopper

    I don't know much about them, but I guy I work with flys them, he says If your just starting ,it has to be a perfectly calm day no wind and just get the hang of getting it up a couple feet andpractice hovering till you have it down pat then next work on setting it down, before you try forward...
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    bear freed you must see

    Thank you that's the one I can't figure this android tablet out to save my life :no:
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    bear freed you must see

    I don't think so ,you see I can't watch vids posted on OldMiniBikes since I got this pos tablet, but the vid I'm reffering to is under bucket bear freed its new, it wasn't really a bucket it was a maxi off a semi truck stuck on its head they wrestled it down and cut it off
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    bear freed you must see

    If you go to youtube and enter bear freed there is a video of some of our courages moutain boys and girls stepping in to save black bear from a long slow death. My hats off to those folks there bad ass. If some one could post the vid please do I can't thanks
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    "Goliath" Mini Tank - Jeep2003 MT2W 2014

    I think you are a fabricating artist, I was curious how much do you estimate it to weigh?
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    Windber 2014

    Hi guys I missed going this year, I got a new job and could only get off one day and on top of that I was in the middle of rebuilding the bridge on my driveway it was starting to tear up the grass driving thru the yard and across the creek every time we had to go somewhere while I was putting...
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    My Family Needs Your Prayers

    I am truly happy for her and your family.
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    Mud Bug trike

    What part off pa. Are you from?
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    Buckeye's in....... Vintage Class

    How much did it cost you to ship it to evil ed and back ?
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    Foot throttle for a mud bug

    Are you going to windber .,if you are if at all possible I will have mine there it will probably have a twist grip on it but I can bring the foot pddle set up that came stock co you can measure it ect.
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    Mud Bug trike

    I have a mudbug that has a factory brake set up, but it has individual rotors and calipers for each rear wheel with independent levers on the handle bars that work like cutting brakes , all the mudbugs I've seen have that setup, maybe the rear end was changed or its not a mud bug?
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    this is different

    In my opinion a 1967 chevy short bed stepside done in a similar way would look better but I'm partial to them I think it looks sweet
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    I finally got to ride my new dirtbike

    Good choice of bike , his kids will be able to have it, always good to make them wear good equipment l was never seriously injured on the track most of my injurys were offtrack when I was just wearing a helmet and boots
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    Is it worth a 6 hour drive???

    I have driven that far to get a roller for hard to find parts, the seller was a good guy, he met me a couple hours from his place and we waited untill it was a good time for both of us to do it, but I sent down payment to hold it and he was a member and I thought I could trust him
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    Riskitall, from the creators of Ignoritall

    Do the bee's or frogs have tits ??
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    Riskitall, from the creators of Ignoritall

    One of the nations most respected colleges ln the plttsburgh area has a prof. That is doing a study in the local river with catfish, he catches them then disects them, he found an ala:ming number that have both male and female organs the theroy is backed up by tests that show a very high...