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    complete mini bike front end

    :biggrin: :scooter:
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    complete mini bike front end

    PM sent :) :scooter:
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    Vintage bike restoration, but what is it?

    Hey James you have a pic of Jamie's build off bike:scooter:- It is still waiting on the engine rebuild :doah:
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    JC Penny EL Tigre roller

    interested-sent PM :)
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    Survivor ?

    Just looked at the second one he's selling and with the scrub brake and front suspension it reminds me of a BIRD. Scat Bat maybe? :shrug: Marcus has me stumped on the first :scooter:
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    Another Coleman CT200U :)

    Hey treehugger check out fleabay for the LED :) Around 45-48:scooter:
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    Spare parts: Manco Chopper

    WOWZA!! AWESOME JOB MARK:thumbsup:
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    Another Coleman CT200U :)

    AWESOME PICS!! Thinking of getting a Coleman also, Could I ask where you found the LED headlight and how you were able to hook it up to work? Thanks :)
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    Happy American Thanksgiving!

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    Seats and a Sprocket

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    Bonanza chopper repairs

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwza Markus your work is PHENOMENAL!! :thumbsup: From engines to resto's I can always tell what you bring to the table is always QUILITY!! As the commercial would say "IS IT LIVE OR MEMOREX?" Well sir this is definitely LIVE haha :cool2:
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    CL find for $30...What is it?

    Definitely sold by sears-look at the tag on the chain guard :)
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    Happy Easter

    May everyone along with their families have a Blessed Easter:scooter:
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    Complete Bird Roller

    Sent PM also:scooter:
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    Heald VT-3, OldMiniBikes Build Off, Vintage Class

    Hey DOC:001_cool: AWESOME work on the bike!!!! I think I need to make a trip back to your house for more how to lessons:thumbsup:----- I had a blast last summer the day I picked up the TRAILCAT you brought back from Windber for me and I soooooooooo appreciated the talk we had. WISHING YOU...
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    JC Penny Duster Chopper

    Ditto on the pics:thumbsup:
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    Parade day washout, bummer!!!

    That is a BUMMER Markus!!!! But hey HAPPY LABOR DAY to you and everyone on OldMiniBikes:scooter:
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    NOS Taylor Muffler, Asuza Forks, 12" Slick

    :doah: I GOT THAT BIG ERASER OUT!@!@ ALLLLLLLllllllllllllllllllllllllll CLEAR:thumbsup: BIG THANKS TUBBUGS
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    NOS Taylor Muffler, Asuza Forks, 12" Slick

    PM sent for forks:scooter:
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    sears drover /bird parts

    Sent pm:scooter: