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    Rokon find

    1968 rokon # 15 made Sent from my iPhone using OldMiniBikes mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    303 Wankel Azusa Build

    here it is , found it .
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    303 Wankel Azusa Build

    Mine needs jack shaft n proper carb . I can't figure how to post pic . Title "was bad dog wankel "
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    303 Wankel Azusa Build

    I did one with sacks km24 a little while back , parts for engine were fun to find . Cool project !
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    There's few options I guess . Maybe a "Baja " fixer upper , vintage ballon bike if you can find one probably best restored back the way it was , or I went with this one was built by BAD DOG cause of Diesel engine idea n Giant frame . Then again you could build from scratch ? Even if you buy a...
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    Nut goes on a few turns shy of the nylon lock , I ordered some grade 8s in 14inch lengths should be here tomorrow . Today I got in throttle assembly. I read thread with similar engine and someone recommended that the clutch be adjusted to engage early due to the torque it has ( remove or...
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    Why? I have a studio house 36x48 12 ft ceiling , 2nd flr open . Moved it to garage for good now that I'm putting fuel in it. Not in bedroom .
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    HVAC season started sooner than I thought , I ran into trouble with axle bolts being short so I ordered 2- 14 inch grade 8 bolts due in Friday ! Like to drop some fuel in it and run it on stand this weekend. Filled crankcase 5-20 rotella and as recommended by the yanmar dealer I've been pulling...
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    Thanks for fixing photo can't see why they flip the wrong way. What ever you got rare , funny story , history doesn't matter I just took pic of the peanut machine cause it was In front of me at that time. If it wasn't family item I would like to put some slicks and this supercharged Briggs in...
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    Great memories in school with show n tell now my kids are bringing things to pre school they are proud of n wanna share . Who has cool stuff , collections , rare , unique or something they are proud of? I will start it off - my grandfathers peanut machine , my father told me stories about...
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    Accessories I found this 1gal diesel tank and this cool helmet. Had to think over throttle setup
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    First build: Big Blue Bad Dog - Gigantic tire

    Found these helmets , I just got one in for myself and after seeing that blue you might wanna check this out. Ima post a pic of mine On my thread . Tomorrow I'm gonna go to that trailer shop n grab that smooth steel fender to see if it looks good .
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    First build: Big Blue Bad Dog - Gigantic tire

    just an idea of fender I seen , a little while back I found one perfect width 11.5 or so between fork. After market some are blue / white and black
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