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    The Ultimate More Than 2 Wheels Picture Thread!!

    built this for the wife to cruise around in now i just got to figure out what i wanna build im thinkin something like a rat rod ol model t bucket or a a body
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    Ann Arbor Show Entries ????

    i just got my heath kit back from acid dip and have the first coat of primer and am trying to decide what color to paint it stock or close to oem any suggestion want it to look original as much as possible
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    Super Bronc - Should I Get It?

    hay jesse i am planning on goin to windbar next year if i can you can throw your bike in with mine and ill take it for ya and meet you there thats up to you though i live in ann arbor so im not to far from you i dont think let me know
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    dont see many of these for sale

    vintage mini bike/motorcycle this sure is in good shape
  5. Heathkit Boonie Bike

    Heathkit Boonie Bike

  6. Heathkit Boonie Bike

    Heathkit Boonie Bike

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    im with ya on this one its been over a month since i have shaved as of now so why start now more hair the better heres a pic about 2 weeks ago gettin in the seasonal mood thats a five horse drawn hearse
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    What is your profession?

    i am a farrier
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    Alright you motor heads.

    im not a honda expert but it sounds like a two stroke motor what are you mixing the oil to gas ratio at is it too rich there or perhaps too lean
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    iso honda clone pull starter

    my baja warrior pull starter broke and i am tired of wrapping a rope to start it can anybody help me out here im in mich my email is thanks for the help billy
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    saw this on craigs

    1970 Rupp WITH TITLE
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    thomas explorer custom build

    heres my thomas i havent had much time for this one due to the arrival of my son so i work on it when i can so far we got new bars a custom toe pincher coffin gas tank a 10 horse motor comet 40 clutches next on the to do list is brakes and a custom toe pincher clutch cover to go with the tank...
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    my bbq caught fire udder day

    fire fire fire heres some more pics of some of our props for halloween
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    How to post pictures (Test Area)

    test test 777777
  15. thomas


  16. couple toys

    couple toys

  17. toe pincher tank

    toe pincher tank

  18. thomas mini

    thomas mini

  19. Heathkit Boonie bike

    Heathkit Boonie bike

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    mercury clutches

    i got a mercury clutch on a parts bike i picked up the other day and never seeing one before was wondering if they are rare and around how old might it be it is two peices with a 12 t sprocket is quite thick much thicker than a comet or max trq any info is apreciated and i will post some...