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    State maps to Ethanol-free

    It's good to see this reposted. I have been posting it for years and it should be a sticky post some where. I will add one thing, if it a pump make sure it's on it's own hose. If not you will need to pump off the first 1 to 1.5 gallons before you get tru e free fuel. Talking about fuel my wife...
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    Reverse haul

    I will be in Kansas for the next month. I will have 35' x 102" enclosed empty coming back to California. My trailer is available on the run back to get more personal stuff going out of California. Just an offer for friends. I have next to no internet at the ranch in Kansas so get it done soon...
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    Any Clue???

    Home made
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    Brand new Colemen cc100x mini bike wont move

    Check you drive system and make sure you have not lost one of the little square keys that go in between the shafts and the sprockets
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    ‘71 sears roper one way sprocket

    You can make your own.
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    I keep losing set screws!

    Punch the top thread just a bit to turn the set screw into a locking screw, Do this with the alen wrench in place so you do not deform the wrench hole. This will cause added resistance to the thread area just like a lock nut, OR
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    Should I drive 3 1/2 (round trip) to buy this?

    Depends on your stage of the illness. I was in stage 4 at one point and went from LA Cal. to Walla Walla Washington on Christmas day for these. I'm happy I did it today. One running two waiting until I get them to the ranch...
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    Honda Z50 frame? all of your parts are here This is who I use on all of my big bikes, Race bikes and street bikes...
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    Handlebar clamps not working well

    Also check that you are not bottoming out the threads of the bolt . If you are close add a washer to the stack.
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    How much oil?
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    Street Legal Mini Bike
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    Mikuni 22mm carburetor gasket got sucked into combustion chamber

    I'm rubbin the sore spot in my head were my brain used to be. HOW does a gasket get sucked into a motor and you keep trying to start it? Come on that is like driving a car on a flat and blaming California air for the rim damage in Cincinnati Ohio. It should be painfully in your face you had a...
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    Odd looking go kart ID, please

    Get to o close to the rabbit hole the rabbit brothers will push you in and toss minis in on you.
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    Vintage arc welder.

    You are right. That is why on my big welding power supply I can fix my A/C balance. Look right above the word WAVE on the top row . Old machines did not have a way to fix the A/C so if something was off you just swapped the lead to "fix the problem. You can call it an old hack but it can work If...
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    Rattling then won’t run

    Don't be a trailer queen. Ride it.
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    Collection FOUND.

    Can't give value here. I will say this, don't walk away from it.