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    Broncco Eagle decals

    That turned out great! I'm glad we were able to make this happen... That's a sweet machine too!
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    Reproduction and Custom Decals

    This guy was a clown from the first time he called me trying to talk his line of BS and bought and then scanned my decals so he could sell them..... here's the latest on this guy posted on his FB page... He's such a loser that ripped off many minibike enthusiasts off.. Good riddance...
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    Broncco Eagle decals

    Thanks for the compliments guys.. It was a long road to get these made up (Helicopter mechanic by day, pinstriper/sign maker by night LOL!). Chris was very patient but I believe the end result turned out nice. He should be getting them any minute now according to the tracking... I'll let him...
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    Broncco Eagle decals

    Yes, I'm working on them for him... I just need a better image of that Eagle, as of now we have nothing to go by... Any help locating a decent Eagle woul be much appreciated! (thanks for the kind words guys)
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    Manco TrailCat References needed !!!

    Is anybody looking for the fork plate and tank decals for the Trail Cat?
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    Wards 525 (Gilson) Pictures

    If I recreated the Gilson fork plate decal that has the large G on it would you guys be interested? Atc70 decals Let me know
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    Huskee Trail Rider resto

    These are listed on ebay in case any of you guys are needing them for your restorations Huskee Pathfinder Mini Bike Minibike Decal Sticker | eBay
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    Mini Bike Logos

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    2015 Build Off Entry MTTW Wards T555

    You are gonna need these decals.. I just added them last night.. Mini Bike Decals
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    Mini Bike Logos

    I added a few more here.. Mini Bike Decals
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    Powerdyne "GALAXIE" Decals

    I will finish these when I get some time.. I'm kinda busy at the moment but have mostly everything done except scaling them and printing them.. So gimme a little bit or shoot me an email if you get in a hurry... It's carshow season in my neck of the woods and my primary job takes precedence...
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    Powerdyne "GALAXIE" Decals

    I'll need measurements on all the decals before I proceed, another good way is lay a ruler on it and take a picture looking straight on. I can't guess and make these because if I do then someone will come along with oem decals on a mini and tell me mine are all wrong.. Been there and done that :(
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    Powerdyne "GALAXIE" Decals

    I have just about everything laid out I just need measurements to finish up and print the set..
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    Boonie Build.

    Lookin' real good Warren! I'm glad to be able to provide you guys with the little things (decals) to revive these old minis!!:scooter:
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    Tecumseh super 58-WOO HOO!!!

    I know who has decals for that engine... PM me..
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    Vintage Class: F150tilt - Gilson 2013 Build-off

    Very nice Craig! Glad to be a part of your awesome build, you really did a spectacular job!!!:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: And you're right.. That warning sticker on the upper fork plate says it all!!
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    On May 30, 2012, at 2:39 PM, "eBay Member: aceshighlv" < <email address removed per policy>>...

    On May 30, 2012, at 2:39 PM, "eBay Member: aceshighlv" < <email address removed per policy>> wrote: Dear peeweepinstriping,I did the original .eps file for this decal that I then sent to an individual in Nevada. He subsequently got you to print the decal for his minibike restoration. No...
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    Peewee here....the Decals guy...... Your friend that did the eps conversion sent me this...

    Peewee here....the Decals guy...... Your friend that did the eps conversion sent me this today... it's too bad I have to destroy the file.. I hope you don't need another whisperjet decal.. I'm able to do these repops for you guys cheap only because I bank on future sales of oeprinted up.. Any...
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    Sears roper frame stripes

    Thanks for the positive comments guys..
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    Sears Roper fender stripe decals

    I just printed up the fender stripes for the Sears Roper minibike.. These are printed and Laminated.. like the originals.. check Fleabay.. :thumbsup: