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    ..Coleman Mini Bikes at Wal Mart..

    I wanted one of these, but for some reason wally world would not deliver to michigan - wth. Looks like it could be a fun bike.
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    age poll !

    Happy B-day Checking in at 42 years old here. Built my first minibike this year and have probably put 250 miles on it ! It helped when one of my best friends moved in my sub and has a mini bike. It caught on - a couple of other neighbors got mini bikes and a few more are getting the itch ...
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    I put a kill switch on the the handlebars as wel, a must in my opnion.
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    Why Not ! I had min inside till I put gas in it.........Did you get it fired up yet ? The axles on mine were right extra thread. What would make you think they are too short (looks like you had it together). I think the diesel will be cool - I went last night for about a 5 mile...
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    Power Fist 420cc 15HP Clone

    Call the guys up here - I think they can point you in the right direction. GX390, GX340, 420 Predator, & 11 hp up Chinese OHV
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    First build: Big Blue Bad Dog - Gigantic tire

    It's quite a bit really don't lean into it much, you do have to take it slow, if not, it will take you where it wants to go !
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    First build: Big Blue Bad Dog - Gigantic tire

    I've found some interesting plastic ones.....I'm looking to find something like this in the correct width: Let me know what you find !
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    First build: Big Blue Bad Dog - Gigantic tire

    First of all, thanks to all of the OldMiniBikes folks that took the time to post pics, answer questions for others, etc. Although I’ve been working on my project, I finally collected some pics & wanted to share my build experience. 1) Got the BD gigantic tire mini bike from my wife as a christmas...
  9. TAV2


    Modification of the TAV2
  10. 8 HP predator

    8 HP predator

    Removal of one of the oil fills
  11. Menards quieter exhaust

    Menards quieter exhaust

    Picked this up to quiet the beast down
  12. On the stand

    On the stand

    Black and Decker Work Stand
  13. Close up of the powdercoating

    Close up of the powdercoating

    My Bad Dog Pics after the build
  14. Motor plate reinforcement

    Motor plate reinforcement

    Added some support for the 8 HP predator
  15. Mods to the 8 HP predator

    Mods to the 8 HP predator

    Welded one of the oil fills
  16. Right Side Pic

    Right Side Pic

    Right side of the beast
  17. Left Side pic

    Left Side pic

    Left Side of the beast
  18. Exhaust close up

    Exhaust close up

    Home Made Header
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    Balloon tire Diesel

    I can't wait ti see a video of how it sounds with that exhaust & teh flapper !