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  1. chrisr

    From the Ground up Super Bronc Restoration

    @chatten63 is a good resource for Bronc parts.
  2. chrisr

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Love to see a finished video and pics.
  3. chrisr

    Heald Super Bronc 8ph

    The 3 amp AC will work great for lights but not good for charging. Unless you add a regulator to control the charge on the battery and the diodes to make it DC on your current setup, a battery tender on it when not using it will keep your battery ready to go when you need it with a lot less...
  4. chrisr

    Heald Super Bronc 8ph

    Depending where you live, a cheap snowblower or tiller may have a good running Tec 8/10hp for cheap.
  5. chrisr

    Need help

    This may be helpful. It does talk about the impulse fuel pumps as wall as wealth of other info.
  6. chrisr

    Need help

    I think what Dakota200666 was asking is how the fuel pump is actuated (makes the fuel pump work) and I believe that is done via the vent hose on the back of the engine that is used as the pulse line.
  7. chrisr

    RCF full size drag. Ser. Number 1

    What is your MPH in the 1/8 and 60 ft times? BTW - nice bike!
  8. chrisr

    Just got a VT-10

    @chatten63 is a good contact for the Healds.
  9. chrisr

    Harbor Freight Ghost Engine

    So it does not look like a flywheel is included "The standard Ducar 224cc does not come equipped with a flywheel. Flywheels we suggest for this engine include the DC-PVL-FW and the ARC-6689". What are you planning on doing for a flywheel?
  10. chrisr

    Harbor Freight Ghost Engine

    Maybe another option? I bought this for my aluminum frame golf cart that I converted to a 30 series clutch system with a live axle and very happy with it. Also, included are some pretty good reads...
  11. chrisr

    A couple of engines I picked up today

    Here you go, you have the Comet 30 TAV1. There is not much left of your driven, bascially the backing plate is all...
  12. chrisr

    A couple of engines I picked up today

    The back piece is from a older Comet 30 and what left of the driven. Nice scores.
  13. chrisr

    Ultimate Bad-Ass Drag Minibike (Dual Predator Hemi Powered)

    Have you clocked in the 1/8 mile for ET/MPH or done a top speed run results and/or a video riding it that you can share? Very cool mini...
  14. chrisr

    Need help with Speeday front shocks

    Are these front shocks rebuildable and any idea where to get replacement seals as well as how to disassemble/reassemble them? Also, I see some grind marks on them - did someone remove the front fender mounts? Thanks
  15. chrisr

    What the heck did i find?

    Gilson bikes are very nice riding from what I heard. Wards was one seller of Gilson bikes.
  16. chrisr

    Predator 460cc

    I have used the Predator 420 and still using a VC 460 on a bike that I made, I just did not know the Harbor Frieght was now selling the 460 and that it looks like its a hemi - at least in the picture. Just curius of any mods and/or expereince anyone had with these new 460s.
  17. chrisr

    Predator 460cc

    Anyone bought or have any experience with these? It looks like it has the hemi head and not sure if its based off the VC 460? Thanks
  18. chrisr

    What year is my Super Bronc?

    The engine serial number is the only way to identify the year from speaking to those that were involved in making the Broncs. Under the seat hinge is a number but this number does not help on what year it was made. Hope that helps.
  19. chrisr

    Super Bronc Project

    A lot of the HM80 that were on the Broncs had a coil used for lights (part of the points/condenser setup) and may already have the flywheel with teeth. The plug on the front of the engine when the engine is running, one is the kill wire, one is DC and the other is typically AC. The AC will work...
  20. chrisr

    Super Bronc Project

    @chatten63 may have some Bronc parts that you are looking for.