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  1. tyleryamaha

    Bonanza MX Gas Tanks

    Bryan ….. I did you a favor by selling you the black original tank for what I paid for it 150.00 so you could have a MX tank for your race bike. You didn't tell me that you already had 2 other MX tanks...……..I thought I was helping you to find the missing piece that you needed for your Bike...
  2. tyleryamaha

    Need help, I’m stuck! Needing a 4.00-6 tire and 400x kickstand

    I have one on the back of my bonanza that is like new 4.00x6 Carlisle that I would consider selling.
  3. tyleryamaha

    Lil Indian build

    I like what you have done with your bike...….. "LiL Micro Mate"...…...
  4. tyleryamaha

    Happy Birthday Phil 1958

    Happy Birthday Phil !
  5. tyleryamaha

    Little/Large Washer Ruttman

    Seen this on facebook Marketplace Amelia,Ohio
  6. tyleryamaha

    Is this for real?

    You could probably go a 1000 miles on 1 tank full !
  7. tyleryamaha

    Is this for real?

    I seen this on craigslist
  8. tyleryamaha

    New flat track bike

    Very nice....Mini XR750
  9. tyleryamaha

    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    Well known engine builder/drag racer Bill Grumpy Jenkins on his Rupp pit bike.....Cool Pic.
  10. tyleryamaha

    5 inch Ruttman wheel

    tire and wheel sold.....thanks OldMiniBikes
  11. tyleryamaha

    Home Made ?

    Seen this on Facebook Marketplace today in Belpre,Ohio
  12. tyleryamaha


    I have a very similar story. Around 10 years back the price of scrap steel was high so I would pick up scrap on the way to work and on the way home. Averaging around 200.00 each week. This was my mini bike money. One Saturday while at my local scrap yard I spotted a motorcycle wheel under a...
  13. tyleryamaha

    My custom baja build

    Nice build ,what size and brand are your tires thanks...….
  14. tyleryamaha

    HF 212 Clone - $94.99 Until March 22

    I bought a couple lifan's from Harbour Freight around 2008 that were on sale for 100.00 plus I used a 20 percent off coupon so 80.00 plus tax each, the next time they went on sale I tried to use the 20 percent coupon again and was told you could not use a coupon for an item that was on sale.
  15. tyleryamaha

    Vintage Minibike Lil Indian Rarest Minibike In The World

    I had Ray sit on one of my early LiL Indian's for a picture a few years ago, wish I would have asked him to sign it !
  16. tyleryamaha

    5 inch Ruttman wheel

    5 inch Early Ruttman steel wheel with Goodyear Studded 4:10 x 3:50 x 5 tire. 40.00 plus shipping, Payable USPS money order. Romulus, Michigan 48174 can send pics through phone text.
  17. tyleryamaha

    I have an early Ruttman wheel with A Goodyear 4:10 x3:50x 5 $40.00 plus ship

    I have an early Ruttman wheel with A Goodyear 4:10 x3:50x 5 $40.00 plus ship