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  1. t555trailblazer

    Performance exhaust

    The above post^^^ was from an old thread when I was building a Chrysler Power Bee 700. This fellow had some great experience. I remember talking with him about doing the mathematic formulations to come up with the proper size expansion chamber, cutting the shape out of sheet metal, welding it...
  2. t555trailblazer

    Hound Dog

    Go powers on a square tube Mini bike… never would I have thought they were original. Thanks @Lizardking for making the advertisement post. Nice bike you have there @Beng360
  3. t555trailblazer

    FIBERGLASS Cat Chainguard & FIBERGLASS Switch Plate

    I see that the re-pop ones are being offered with a two wire toggle switch. Are the originals two wires or a one wire self grounding toggle switch?
  4. t555trailblazer

    My first experiment with a built hs50

    Back in the day… just wanted to go fast and have fun. The seat was not a big deal.
  5. t555trailblazer

    That's different Big Trike

    Been liking Owosso’s for a while… never knew they made this model. I like it.
  6. t555trailblazer

    What is it?

    Like it… Have several cool engines that are screaming for a self made project like that…
  7. t555trailblazer

    How to clean the frame before paint?

    Works great on removing heavy grease / oil buildup. I have always used it as the first step. Never painted after just a water rinse. Step 2 would be to use wipe down with acetone or lacquer thinner to remove any oily film. To just spray a cleaner, water rinse and then paint…not sure what to use.
  8. t555trailblazer

    Clinton Panther

    Might be handy to use as a leaf blower
  9. t555trailblazer

    Looking for the value of my old mini bike

    Wish I still had some thing that I bought when 12 years old… Nice job came it so clean!
  10. t555trailblazer

    Mud Bug, Tri Rod

    Thumbs up for the 70s metal flake!
  11. t555trailblazer

    Hello i have this Sachs saxonette artic cat 49cc

    Hard to tell from the pictures if the Recoil is there. If it is, treat it gently. They are the weakest part on the engine and a very hard part to fine. Bing carburetor parts are out there for sale just need to keep an eye out.
  12. t555trailblazer

    Bucket list mini bike build

    Build them both… was your original Homebuilt Mini Bike powered by a REO? If so, I would start with that one but maybe add some more safety features. Just an opinion. Both sound like enjoyable projects.
  13. t555trailblazer

    Anyone recognize this trike?

    Looks like a Mini Scat Tracker….vintage.
  14. t555trailblazer

    Any ideas on this 2 cycle I just got along with Clinton A400

    The Recoil almost looks identical to one that’s on a REO Four-stroke engine that I have.