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  1. Moedog07

    New rides entry: 1993 Swisher Ride King

    Three wheel mower? I have never seen that style before.
  2. Moedog07

    Wanted to share a video my brother made for me

    Great job! Too bad you didn't have more people riding.
  3. Moedog07

    Predator crankshaft 301cc?

    Bump to the top.
  4. Moedog07

    predator 212 OMFG!!

    But a good two minutes?
  5. Moedog07

    baja warrior

    The 301CC Predator MAY fit with out a bunch of mess, it's a weird mid-size kind of engine. But bang for buck and easy to find parts for... get a 212 Predator. The 420cc Predators are gone to eat you up with the cost of the clutch (1 inch shaft) and the mounting (plate). Also the 301cc...
  6. Moedog07

    Cloned the Arco

    I think the set up is to have less or smaller holes in the etube to show improvement.
  7. Moedog07

    New guy in Georgia

    Welcome to the fun. I like those Track 2's got two myself.
  8. Moedog07

    Control line plane

    I used to love those things. I had a biplane, a P51 and some unidentified German styled plane. I would probably barf now from spinning in a circle.
  9. Moedog07

    Backfire when decelerating

    It's a running a little lean? Do you have a muffler on it?
  10. Moedog07

    here we go again...

    Wow that's a piece of History.
  11. Moedog07

    chop shop project

    Not much muffle in that Muffler is there?
  12. Moedog07

    Hello from PR

    Welcome to OldMiniBikes from the Great State of Georgia.
  13. Moedog07

    What is it?

    Built for "Cooling the arm pits" with those ape hangers.
  14. Moedog07

    Swiss cheese?

    I agree with the above answers. Sears Puddle Jumper. I have it's red twin in my collection.
  15. Moedog07

    Lower Alabama!!! April 11, 2015

    I watched the video. Looks like a blast. Who's bike is the long low and lean one?
  16. Moedog07

    6,5hp Clone block crack, help...

    I wonder if the crank hit the governor arm while rotating?
  17. Moedog07

    my very fast gx390 minibike!!!!!!!

    Give us a run down of what's inside the motor?
  18. Moedog07

    Oil type for 212cc Hemi Predator

    I use diesel oil (Rotella) but some folks would say that it's too heavy.
  19. Moedog07

    Lower Alabama!!! April 11, 2015

    Hope all fun time is had by all who attend.
  20. Moedog07

    Chrome plated gas tank

    That's a thing of beauty.