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  1. Bird Nighthawk before picture

    Bird Nighthawk before picture

    This is what the old bike looked like when I found it. Notice how rusty ii is and how faded the gas tank was. Believe it or not, black shoe polish paste made the tank look new and shiny again! I was going going to try the liquid kind, but didn't have any on I used paste instead!
  2. Bird Nighthawk after being restored

    Bird Nighthawk after being restored

    I made the number plate graphic from looking at the old sales brochure. I drew it on a computer, printed it on a color printer, laminated it and then used emblem adhesive to attach it.
  3. NIghthawk Flyer

    NIghthawk Flyer

    Found this on your site and it was very useful when I went to restore the one I found rusting at a yard sale!
  4. Here's my before and after pictures.

    Here's my before and after pictures.

    I've been a mini bike and motorcycle fan my entire life. These photos are my most recent project, a Bird Engineering Nighthawk. I picked it up at a yard sale and it had set outside for a couple of decades....very rusted up, but it was still in good enough shape to restore. I recreated the...