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  1. ohioted

    1965 Harley Davidson M65

    I'll have to get back into my files to find the info. Generally speaking, source was a really interesting, old school guy with a shop who does no online communication. All inquiries and purchases had to be made via telephone, working around his schedule. Good guy, just set in his ways.
  2. ohioted

    1965 Harley Davidson M65

    Hey, all. I am a busy, busy goober, with a LOT of irons in the fire. Just now came across this old post and realized I never followed up to share the end result. Yes, I did find an excellent source for parts, and with patience and gumption I got 'er all done. Did all the mechanical...
  3. ohioted

    Bob's Golden Pinto

    Some years back, Bob Wentzel and I combined efforts to create a half-baked "business" to semi-support our mutual interest in vintage two-wheelers. We call our endeavor The Vintage Movement and it's really just a way to somewhat legitimize our hobby, Anyways, Bob's original mini was a J.C...
  4. ohioted

    Engine Specialties

    Hey, all. I am researching for an article, the Engine Specialties company, importers(?) of Broncco-branded minibikes and mini cycles. Does anyone have history of the company and/or contact information for someone who may have first hand knowledge of the business? My basic understanding is...
  5. ohioted

    1965 Harley Davidson M65

    Anyone have a good parts source for these? I've just been charged with rebuilding one which is in very good complete, original condition. I've not had my hands on an Aermacchi since my '73 Z90 - back when it was new!