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  1. grindking

    Getting my mini bike back from when I was a kid

    It’s the dirty one with the bent fork
  2. grindking

    Getting my mini bike back from when I was a kid

    I’m sorry for even asking I know it’s frowned upon but I just looking for ballpark I told him in good condition $600-$800 & family discount would be around $200-$300 he sold it to me for $100
  3. grindking

    Getting my mini bike back from when I was a kid

    My brother-in-law bought my mini bike from me when I was becoming a teenager & didn’t think I’d ever want a mini bike his kids grew up riding it & loved it so I was happy to see them enjoy but now nobody rides it & he offered it back to me... he asked me to make a fair offer & im sure he will...
  4. grindking

    Identify please sorry bout the bad pics

    i d please my budddys bike looks like someone stretched it
  5. grindking

    allsport roller for sale

    Bump theres alot of good parts left on this thing i cant store it any more
  6. grindking

    allsport roller for sale

    Ooops forgot price $50 or $100 delivered its a three wheeler
  7. grindking

    allsport roller for sale

    Se rochester mn can deliever to hinkely mn, hayward wi, watertown sd, fairmont mn, or i29&i90 sd la cross wi, i drive truck for work to these places but would have to be ready when i get there or i get fired lol. Its in ruff shape but it has the (not) fiberglass seat but thats ruff too, not...
  8. grindking

    These really look like FUN!!!!

    northern wi drag racers here is a few drag racers from northern wi some had lawnmower engines and some with snowmobile engines
  9. grindking

    any trisports w/big front tires?

    Iv made front end switchs on stuff before but is the 250r really that bad of shape? Imo theres a more suitable choice i know theres suspention on yamaha 175trimotos and there on cl and ebay all the time... i guess i like things in orignal cond.
  10. grindking

    rupp rat roller for sale

    Pics in my threads under (best score for 2011) looks the same but handle bars are broke and fromnt wheel is off and took apart... $250 obo
  11. grindking

    tecumseh throttle cable hook- up HELPPPP

    For the kill switch some guys put a ziptie on the plug wire... weather your kill switch works or not just in case it quits working
  12. grindking

    what to do???

    I understand that ppl dont want to get involved but iv tryrd to pm 70s vintage trikes about the money he owes me to keep it on the down low but i never got replys explaining... the atc 3 wheeler was never in the deal. The trike i have was and its a roller worth $100 in trade delivered. I didnt...
  13. grindking

    what to do???

    What to do if some one on this site has owed me $200 for at least 3yrs? I would rather not say there name but i have given them plenty of time and even put it off for way to long. I have give offers to send the engine back and i would split shipping and now im done i just want the engine back so...
  14. grindking

    Hey not sure if you rember my i havent been on here for a while but i saw the yamaha 643... is...

    Hey not sure if you rember my i havent been on here for a while but i saw the yamaha 643... is that yours?
  15. grindking

    19?? Bombardier Ski-Doo Olympique w/Ski-Boose

    Cool you sold it how much did ya get???
  16. grindking

    $750 Artic Cat Helmet

    Id like to find one like that new in the box lol... cool
  17. grindking

    The Official VINTAGE Snowmobile, Ski Machine and Sled Thread

    Hey guys nice pics of wacoina ive been there the last 3 yrs running... the one pic even caught my brother in law. Next yr is yamaha and im getting my 81 srx running for it i also have a running raider hawk and non running 71 rupp magnum 440 i bought from a kid on OldMiniBikes :thumbsup:
  18. grindking

    Not Another Honda 3 Wheeler

    i have the same prob. but mine arnt that nice lol :shrug:
  19. grindking

    1971 Bolens sprint still in crate x2

    pics pics pics thats 1st priority :hammer: lol