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  1. rebelyell

    6" & 5" wheel, tire, & hub kit/// NOS Briggs 5hp

    PRICES LOWERED!!! Now asking $130 for FULL SET+ shipping costs of method of your choice. Shipping weight will be around 35 LBS for the full set of 2 fronts, 2 rears, hardware, and 4 wheel girdles for the rears. Will do fronts or rears separately with hardware. $130 for FULL SET - front + rear...
  2. rebelyell

    Honda "kick n go"

    Dang, what a blast from the past!!! My Grandmother owned a Honda / BMW cycle shop until 1989, so I grew up on these bad boys!!! Well, these and a bunch of bikes/ATV's. If I remember correctly, there was another version??? (2 wheeler??) Thanks for posting!!!
  3. rebelyell

    6" & 5" wheel, tire, & hub kit/// NOS Briggs 5hp

    I now have these. Everything is brand new and unused. I loosely assembled a rig for photographic purposes. See link below. wheel tire girdles pictures by lickford - Photobucket Here is a full rig, fronts and rears. 2 - 6" Kenda 4.10/3.50-6 slick tires 2 - 5" Kenda 4.10/3.50-5 slick...
  4. rebelyell

    Need someone to mill my head for me.

    Belt sander. Ghetto, but effective.
  5. rebelyell

    Need help identifying

    SUPER fun lil karts, but finding interchangeable parts is a b****.
  6. rebelyell

    I'm pretty sure my carb is bad, can i get a second opinion?

    Do you have a fresh diaphragm in your carby? Also, use 2 carb-to-tank gaskets and tighten em down SOLID. Make sure your carb-to-block bolts are tight too. Or, just carry a can of ether.
  7. rebelyell

    I'm pretty sure my carb is bad, can i get a second opinion?

    Put an air filter on that thang!!! Are you trying to ruin your motor?!?!?
  8. rebelyell

    Kart for Sale

    Is this home-built? If not, do you know what brand it is??
  9. rebelyell

    wanted 6" Bendix brake

    Pro's??? Are there any?
  10. rebelyell

    Take notes Gentlemen, This is how to craft a gasket.

    Hope it wasn't a winner!!!
  11. rebelyell

    Engine painting

    Powder coated tins, y'all. . . . . .
  12. rebelyell

    What Type of Kart is this?

    Seems reasonable............:shrug: Helluva score for fifty beans!!
  13. rebelyell

    Clutch chatter problem.

    Lube yer dang clutch bushing.
  14. rebelyell

    Briggs 5hp help

    Either the carb-to-block gasket, or the carb-to-tank gasket. I use 2 carb-to-tank gaskets to ensure a good seal.
  15. rebelyell

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    The best thing to come out of Sweden since the Volvo. YouTube - ‪GRAVEYARD - Hisingen Blues‬‏
  16. rebelyell

    Older kart identification

    FIRST, remove the paint from the axle. This is at least half of your problem. These parts are a very, VERY snug fit. It's not like you'll have room to wiggle it off. The smallest nick in the axle can prevent removal and cause furious anger, believe you me. Sand that baby smooth after removing...
  17. rebelyell

    Go kart w/ 2stroke on CL??

    Gotcha. The 3rd pic led me to believe otherwise. Looks like a helluva sweet ride though!!
  18. rebelyell

    Go kart w/ 2stroke on CL??

    Those wheels appear to be vintage "Go-Power" wheels worth about $50 a pop if that helps you decide.
  19. rebelyell

    5 spoke Aggie wheels