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    Reproduction Fiberglass clutch guards

    how about front fenders and clutch guards for heathkit?
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    hs40 rupp crank drawing

    Can you make it longer too?
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    Briggs Flathead Racing Cams

    why not use the stock racing cams? degree them in and use the correct spring for the cam. the 94ss doesnt have the easy spin for ease of starting. gonna pop back on you and break pull cords.[ at least mine does anyway]
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    Jr Dragster Raptor Engine

    This is the block to start with. flows better than most other blocks out there. ARC has or had very good valve guides.
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    Jacobsen J321

    add a picture of one......
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    Fox Dynamark? What did i just score?

    fox frame? 1970 1971
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    I found a flathead in my garage.

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    Glad to blow a hole in the case.

    come to pittsburgh and check out the vintage gran prix at shenley park.
  9. F User Map No Longer Works

    HI. My name is Dave....and im a minibike addict.... i live in Beaver Falls pa........
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    Wiseco Piston for 5hp Flathead

    If your after stock bore and stroke pistons,why not use the raptor 3 piston?
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    Front engine dragster

    I've seen these built with wheel barrels for bodies. looked pretty good too!
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    Briggs 5hp 130202 crankshaft

    You bought a crankshaft for a snowblower with electric start. the flywheel sits further out from the block. its the same as one with the 5watt generator.
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    Tecumseh throttle cable connect for Super Bronc VT-8

    that throttle lever looks broken to me,like the piece where the cable furrel goes on is broken.
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    briggs flathead gurus needed

    Many aftermarket used parts for 5hp out there even some new old stock stuff. Closest to 5 hp (13ci) is the 4 hp (10ci), the “100” series engine part numbers but limited stuff on it too.
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    briggs flathead gurus needed

    Til Tillotson carbs can be finicky. Pz is set and forget.
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    Shaved eyebrows

    now deck the block.......bring those seats and the deck together as one,or peak deck it.
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    anyone know how to replicate this setup?

    NR Racing used to have every thing needed to install the generator on the gx200 series engines. flywheel, coils,ect. or just find an old baja worrior mini bike and get them from it.
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    Flea market find

    Specify “old”…..
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    Flea market find

    Ojnly difference you may find is the 3 hp shaft may be 3/4 inch and the 2 hp is 5/8 output.
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    5hp Briggs to 22mm Mikuni carb intake manifold

    I made mine with welder and an old header, some plate steel.