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    Freak Karts, Customs, Homemades, and Oddballs

    It was a lot of fun designing it and building it. Gets noticed on the road. those roadsters are very cool. Not your average commuter for sure. Im hoping my next car is an Elio. Think I'd go with this paint scheme.
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    Freak Karts, Customs, Homemades, and Oddballs

    Just bought my boy a MBX11 and found this site as (you guessed it) the stock motor is a dog. Likely looking at a jack shaft upgrade soon. Maybe a motor swap later. BUT, I found this thread and its right up my alley. I built a kit car a few years ago and thought I'd share. Its based on a...
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    Kit car
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    Kit car
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    Kit car
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    Kit car
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    Quick Intro

    Just bought The Boy an MBX11 (I live about 10 miles from the Motovox facility) and quickly found out that (you guessed it) the stock engine is a dog. I see a jack shaft upgrade in our near future with possibly a clone a bit after. We'll see. I didnt have motorized vehicles as a kid, so now...