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  1. scott68impala

    "The Official Cool Vintage Mowers, Tractors & Power Equipment Thread"

    Just one of many Gilson's. This one was made for Montgomery Wards.
  2. 0329131323


    1974 Montgomery Ward made by Gilson
  3. scott68impala

    Wards/gilson throttle- footpeg covers

    I used handle grips for a Scag mower, look just like original.:thumbsup:
  4. scott68impala

    Gilson FUN CART #54710

    Thanks, I'm looking foward to the test drive. The chain guard was missing when I bought it but after some research I found one of the 5hp snowblowers that Gilson built had a simular guard.
  5. scott68impala

    Gilson FUN CART #54710

    Here is a belated update on the Gilson Fun Kart..
  6. Gilson Fun Kart

    Gilson Fun Kart

    Fresh from powder coat!!
  7. Gilson Fun Kart

    Gilson Fun Kart

    Setting up the motor
  8. Gilson Fun Kart

    Gilson Fun Kart

    Recovered seat, fresh from the Amish!!
  9. Gilson Fun Kart

    Gilson Fun Kart

    Fun Kart assembly2
  10. Gilson Fun Kart

    Gilson Fun Kart

    Fun Kart assembly1
  11. scott68impala

    1960's Gilson/Wards Delux dbl springer. Fully Restored and FAST.

    Nice work on the brakes, I like the back setup!!:thumbsup:
  12. scott68impala

    Gilson FUN CART #54710

    Powdercoat finished. Now just need to find the time to put it together before I loose any parts!
  13. 100_0776


  14. 0224131904


    Sandblasted and ready for powder coat........
  15. 09081220431


    Fun Kart picture from a 1972 Montgomery Wards catalog
  16. scott68impala

    Gilson FUN CART #54710

    I'm hoping to get to the go cart after my gas pump restoration.
  17. 71_gilson_mini_cart


    Gilson Mini Cart
  18. scott68impala

    Gilson FUN CART #54710

    I bought it from a guy who inherited it from his uncle. I'm waiting for a manual that I ordered from Toro and then its tear down time!:grind:
  19. Gilson Fun Cart

    Gilson Fun Cart

    Id tag from Gilson Fun Cart
  20. Gilson Fun Cart

    Gilson Fun Cart

    This is the one I just acquired for my Gilson collection.