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    Roadster gokart

    Nice looks good dude keep up the good work:thumbsup:
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    bonanza bc1100 from craigslist

    What do u want too spend :thumbsup:
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    Electric minibike for sale!

    no obo wasss up
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    Picked up yhis old Briggs today

    mac has one in the back yard ask him for more info if needed :thumbsup:
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    Bonanza but what Model?

    soak the rims in wd 40 before pulling them apart will help out big time for like 24 hours or so :thumbsup:
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    taco 22 b/the build off winner

    taco looks great :thumbsup:hey paul you said this is for fun day for a raffle rite :thumbsup:
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    taco 22 b/the build off winner

    no no no its 2 fo 5 :2guns: combo deal
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    taco 22 b/the build off winner

    nice deal :thumbsup:
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    wanted hawg ty forks or any baja style

    this is not the wanted sec
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    HF Predator sale

    harbor freight aka predator 212 cc 6.5 out of state motors are better no smog junk and differnt gas tank much better:thumbsup:
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    El Burro auction find

    Dame that's big mini bike how dose that thing run :shrug:
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    new member

    welcome once you get one mini bike you get hooked cant stop :no::scooter:
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    what model bonanza is this?

    good luck on the wheels comeing apart w 40 drill bits some smokes and a tap set:thumbsup:
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    What size is Powell Chain?

    that would be #40 roller chain fremont industrial supply 903 330 8353
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    seeing if anyone won my ebay items on here!!

    that too funny:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: lol
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    max torque gear wanted 14(+) teeth

    need to posted in wanted sec:out:
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    China May 2012

    cool pics look like u had fun:laugh:
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    cannot believe i did not notice

    thats way cool dude :thumbsup:
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    1970's Alsport Tri-Sport RTS

    hey bear how dose that thing handle ive allways see the 3 wheelers but not sure how they ride they look fun but like a go kart take up room