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  1. Briggs950

    3 amp charging coil wiring to rectifier/regulator

    I'm hoping to try and run a small LED headlight and a LED tail light when i go ice fishing and wonder if that can work off a Predator Engine? Would a simple rectifier hook up supply enough DC voltage for the LED lights?
  2. Briggs950

    How do you build a minibike frame?

    I'm currently building my first bike with an Azusa frame but now that I have the fever I'm looking to the future. Like you I have a welder and most everything cept a tube bender. I always fancied myself as a Blacksmith in a former life and I could pull it off! I have saved a picture of a frame I...
  3. Briggs950

    Dairy State Disaster

    Hello I've been painting a frame and wheels in the warm garage at work and the consensus is I'm going to hurt myself on the thing! LMAO I found a few deals for Black Friday and I think now I have most everything ordered I need to be rideable? I assume it's like fishing. You never have everything!
  4. 950


    Using the OldMiniBikes 10" wheels, Briggs 950
  5. Briggs950

    Comment by 'Briggs950' in media 'Newbie'

    {ppcode}Oh I forgot to mention, as a boy Dad bought us a Fox Mini bike, and it was blue with white fenders and stripes on it and probably a 3-4 HP Briggs motor. We wore out the grass in the yard and I ran it into the clothesline post and bent the forks and it disappeared not long after that?
  6. Briggs950

    Comment by 'Briggs950' in media 'Newbie'

    {ppcode}Jack shaft or no jack shaft?
  7. Briggs950

    Comment by 'Briggs950' in media 'Newbie'

    {ppcode}I look at all the motors and most seem to be clones or old yard work engines. I found a new Briggs 950 for a good price so I want to try that. I live not far from the Briggs factory so it's kind of patriotic in these parts to own Briggs stuff. I haven't seen a 950 on other bikes so am I...
  8. Briggs950

    Comment by 'Briggs950' in media 'Newbie'

    {ppcode}So far I bought the 10" wheels and they look good, I don't see many with 10" so am I breaking trail? Only one tire showed up and I thought there would be two so that is a problem, and I bought the wrong brakes (the cheapest ones) and they don't fit the wheels so they can go...
  9. Newbie


    Here's my bike still in the packaging somewhere between the warehouse and my house to possibly be delivered on 11/11/ 2015