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    1973 Speedway Enduro

    Brutus, that would be great! I sent you a PM..
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    Reproduction Speedway forks

    Reproduction 1970 and 1971 Speedway forks. Exact in every way! Stamped metal just like the original ones. I have them in bare metal, flash chromed or show chrome. Don't try to fix your twisted, rusted broken original ones... i have them with or without the headlight/number plate ears. I only...
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    Tecumseh 2.5 HP

    The two Banchi's that I had were both side exhaust.
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    Mb22 / H50 jet size

    The original jet size that Rupp used was a 105
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    Rupp accessory mirrors question

    What year?
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    TT500 question

    I am going to put it on the left. Thank you for the survivor pics!
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    TT500 question

    Very helpful! Thank you,
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    TT500 question

    On a TT500, if you have a foot brake for the rear, what side should the front brake lever go on the handlebar? Normally the front brake would be on the right side (throttle side), but since the original brake lever for a TT500 had an embosment for the mirror, which you would want on the left...
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    Rupp TT500

    I have a 1968 Rupp TT500 that I am thinking about selling. It was a very clean original bike with no rust before I started restoring it. All of the chrome is original and replanted to perfect show quality. All of the bolts have been re-cad plated and are in perfect condition. The sprocket and...
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    Speedway Super Bitch

    That bike evalved into the 1972 and 1973 Super Spyder
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    Speedway Super Bitch

    The Super Bitch is very similar to the 1971 Silver Shadow. The bike is stretched out a little more and has some unique parts
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    Speedway Super Bitch

    It is a Sachs 125 with a 5 speed
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    Speedway Super Bitch

    I built this bike last year. It's one of my favorite bikes!
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    Hello From Ohio

    Avon here, west of Cleveland
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    got the speedway shrike

    Beautiful bike!
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    Just finished; 1973 Speedway Moto-cross

    As soon as it warms up I will be getting it running and adding a updated video.
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    Speedway, diamond in the rough

    Fuji 100cc
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    Speedway, diamond in the rough

    A quality paint job over the original decals!