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  1. quiklids

    Unknown trail bike

    How the hell did I mark my response as best answer???? Where is my coffee???:laugh:
  2. quiklids

    Unknown trail bike

    You da man, Richard...thank you:thumbsup:
  3. quiklids

    Unknown trail bike

    A guy responded to one of my ads looking for parts for this...I looked around for 1/2 an hour, but gave up...any ideas? Thanks! [/URL][/IMG]
  4. quiklids

    Needing to raise money and will be selling most everything.

    Dear Anthony Chan, You sent a payment for $25.00 USD to VICTOR POULIN. Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview. Amount: $25.00 USD Sent on: October 23, 2012 Message in your payment email: Vic you have my...
  5. quiklids

    Twisted Campus

    I hope you get a cramp:laugh:
  6. quiklids

    Twisted Campus

    You're shit'n me, right? :confused:
  7. quiklids

    Metal, beer and Mini bikes

    Well, cuz my bands are not metal, the "metal cops" have no jurisdiction over me:drinkup:
  8. quiklids

    Now that's a paint booth Boeing 777

    That vid is from the 45-01 of very few 777 basecoat/clearcoat birds- I'm partial to this one from my building...Kieran Read and Andy Ellis from World Champs All Blacks Rugby team walking out Air New Zealands 777 Notice the primer is...
  9. quiklids

    Craig's List Question

    Yakaz? I friggin hate that site...get your hopes up and then BAM...door slam:censure:
  10. quiklids

    Electric Smoker

    My first smoker was a Brinkmann electric...still use it sometimes. Do your dry rub, wrap and let sit in the fridge overnight. It doesn't take a hell of a lot of wood, I like to use a few chunks, not that fine crap. Line your water pan with foil...makes cleanup a breeze. Use hot water to fill...
  11. quiklids

    what is this ? smoked again! WTH are you doing up this early, Tom:laugh:
  12. quiklids

    what is this ?

    Looks like somebody modified a Honda Z50 Mini Trail- Now where the hell is my coffee?
  13. quiklids

    Painting Tanks and Fenders - Need Advice

    Prep your filler neck carefully...after paint, use JB Weld to seal the paint edge. No more gas creeping underneath-
  14. quiklids


    Saw that and noticed the wheels, but I'm stumped as well...see the Bonanza?
  15. quiklids

    Who started and when?

    According to whois, minidoodle was created 5/16/2003
  16. quiklids

    need primer recommendations

    Whatever you end up using, you may want to sand your metal with 120-180 grit to knock anything off, and do a solvent wipe to eliminate any chance of contamination from using recycled/dirty media. When you get your parts from the blaster, you should be able to prime them the same day without...
  17. quiklids

    What am I?

    I'm thinking a Comet from Minneapolis w/o the rear bodywork-
  18. quiklids

    found an old bike yesterday

    Simpletom posted a link about a week ago that should help- speed way mini (no spaces)