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  1. waltsuz

    custom build drag bike

    Thank you jdogg
  2. waltsuz

    custom build drag bike

    We are getting ready to move and I need to let a whole bunch of stuff go. There's motors previously listed and 2 complete hand built bikes here. If anyone is interested in seeing what is going contact me and we can work out arrangements....Text number above....
  3. waltsuz

    custom build drag bike

    My avatar bike is for sale. It was built here and you can see in my photos pictures. I have exceeded my quota on pictures. It needs taken down and painted. Lots of money put into this bike. All TIG welded off a jig. Motor has the governor on it. Its pretty fast like it is. No compromises on the...
  4. waltsuz

    Mini bike fabrication tools

    Promised to hold till this friday. Sorry for the no response we have been out of town. Walt
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    How to burn E6010 5P 1/8" electrodes on a miller thunderbolt xl225/150 ac/dc?

    Run DC+ around 85-90 amps and youll be fine. We use Lincoln + on every machine imaginable and I still slightly whip and pause. Stay under 1 electrode diameter on your wipping motion and it'll freeze fine. Walt
  6. waltsuz

    engines for sale

    Got a genuine GX390, a Briggs 8hp I/C, an old Briggs 7hp commercial engine, an 8hp cool bore needing rebuilt and a whole bunch of 8hp spare parts. The 390 and both I/C engines run. I'd carb clean them all and all need cosmetic work but these are good engines. I'm in Portage In, 250.00 takes them...
  7. waltsuz

    Mini bike fabrication tools

    I am unable to upload pictures here. I am located in Portage In. This is a fantastic deal, do the math on this stuff. If you can access the photos I had posted a while back most of this stuff you can see being used
  8. waltsuz

    Mini bike fabrication tools

    Mini bike Fabrication tools for sale: If you do a name search here you can find 2 builds that was done with this equipment. Mini bike frame jig/welding fixture. Fully adjustable for length, rake and height. If you can use a tape measure a level and a plumb bob this will produce dead on...
  9. waltsuz

    Wanted any D series Wheel Horse Tractors

    I have a bunch of mini bike stuff along with 2 complete bikes built with treads here on OldMiniBikes that I'll trade for most any Wheel Horse Tractor stuff. If you may be interested contact me at : bunch of motors to trade off also....Regards Walt
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    I appreciate the clarification on this, I was totally confused..
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    Harley Davidson has done this for years. I have thought about the same fix as Bugar's mention. My 8hp briggs will rattle your arms numb and make your hands itch. Thanks for the info:thumbsup:
  12. waltsuz

    What is the "Best Bang for your Buck" Tubing Bender?

    I have packed sand, bent tubing around HD flywheels, bought a harbor freight bending thing, made dies for it, pulled my liver loose tugging on it, jigged a come-a-long to it, jigged pins on a welding table, got pi$$ed off and finally.....Bought a JD squared. Hard to beat if you want really nice...
  13. waltsuz

    Oh no, Oh well

    IMG0548 - YouTube Walt
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    What other toys do you guys have???

    Current project
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    Gout: Usually from Hi Uric Acid levels in the blood. I got or had it, indications of bad things to come later on. Anything fermented or hi levels of fructose sugar will kick it in. Cheese's, yogurts, alcohol, grapes especially, and pineapple. Getting old is not for the young:scared: If your...
  16. waltsuz

    1972 Z50 still in crate

    I got this, enjoy Hi, Waltssuz, Seby.. Id like to be up front with you and everybody els about this auction. This auction will be coming to a close, less one day of auctions original end date. Reason being, this was only a test to see what one in it's original honda crate would bring on the...
  17. waltsuz

    L.A Drag Spot.

    smells like incognito
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    1972 Z50 still in crate

    This is why I'm skeptical on any sale on ebay. This add would have had me. There's no way most have the knowledge base as a lot have here. People are still bidding this up, 2650.00 I believe. Questions should be posted that are asked on ebay. May help others from a scam
  19. waltsuz

    Throttle response

    Consider this: If you grab a handful of throttle and it falls flat and then picks up, the bottom end is lean. If you grab the throttle and it gargles then goes, its too fat or rich. If its just sluggish with none of the above look at more timing. If its starving for air it will show a tendency...
  20. waltsuz

    My Outlawfabshop drag frame winter project

    Man, I would love to take a few lessons with my bender and this guy Shane. The compound bends on the frame are way beyond me. Are the frame side rails bent from one piece on this? Sorry to railroad this thread, Walt