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  1. Raskin

    Coleman Ct200u exhaust

    Awsum! Seems to cut noise more then half closed..still poppy but not bad..nice vid:D
  2. Raskin

    its repainting time, what color should i paint the fenders and tank?

    Paint is best bang for the buck to bring a bike back to life..looking good..
  3. Raskin

    Bt200x, ct200u-ex Pros and Cons. Mini bike suggestions?

    These are the same mechanically.They have totally different riding positions..the bt is more upright so should be a more comfortable rider imo
  4. Raskin

    Dirtbike question

    Greetings ..looks like 70s Yamaha Enduro ..looks like maybe forks it.. look for a engine or frame tag
  5. Raskin

    Word Association Game

  6. Raskin

    Newb ?s read the notes..
  7. Raskin

    Any difference between a 105cc and 80cc monster moto?

    Visit the sites and compare part numbers ..some parts may be the same aside core engine parts..
  8. Raskin

    Db30 predator 6.5 upgrade

    Loosen linkage nut to free stiff stock lever because was built to stay put..get a spring to make it will see what i mean ounce you loosen the nut on throttle plate..:p
  9. Raskin

    Db30 dirt bug question

    I can tell you that style db was around 2011..the older ones had the rectangular type frame with forward bent handlebars like a coleman ct200u.
  10. Raskin

    Db30 predator 6.5 upgrade

    Greetings..get the hemi because has a better valve rocker setup and for sure a flat top piston..the clutch needs to be reversed to line up the chain.i just look at rear of bike with chain on and move the engine back and forth to see if it's straight use a stright edge to check if needed...take a...
  11. Raskin

    Has anyone bought the Massimo MB200 mini bike. Should I get it?

    Basically It's a Baja warrior sold under many names which is a fairly good bike.. you could look on youtube vids of it..ride comfort is good.
  12. Raskin

    DB30 Resurrection from the dead. :-)

    Nice little machine..
  13. Raskin

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thankgiving weekend to everyone..a time to give thanks to all we have been blessed to have.
  14. Raskin

    new Coleman ct200u owner (soon)

    Imo the single is better only because a double has style but increases chance of getting burned..i see ebay has a triple :D which has neither advantage.
  15. Raskin

    I got my first mini bike!!

    Nice bike..will be fun! if you need help on repairs or upgrades here or YouTube
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    Word Association Game

  17. Raskin

    General 212cc engine?

    Checked youtube..looks like 212 non hemi in video.. Still nice bike
  18. Raskin

    coleman bx200u vs coleman ct200u ex, which one is better?

    Well whatever you decide it will ride better that a ct200 off road..sit on it pay attention to rider position ..i got my trailmaster on a credit card and paid it off in 4 months so i didn't have to come up with all the scratch at once..actually it was a zero interest for 6 months visa from my...
  19. Raskin

    Coleman CT200U TAV Installation Advice good info from a member on tav belts.